Looking For A Young Family To Share And Help On My Small Farm Homestead.

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by zz3, Jul 26, 2015.

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    I am an older small homestead farmer. I need a young family to share and help on my homestead. You will get a place to set up your camper, van, camp, or build a cabin. The site will be made permanent after a trial period to see if we are compatible. There is co-op water and electricity, poultry house and yard, Garden spot in cultivation, Pasture with a small barn with electric and water, set up to raise goats for meat or milk, commercial or self use. I have a tractor, some implements and tools. It is on a asphalt highway and has school bus service to a small town school a couple of miles away. There is an area of woods and wildlife. Homestead is located in the Ozark Mountains near national forest, and river, fishing lakes.[SIZE=6.5pt][/SIZE]
    You will contribute your labor and talent as co-manager custodian because I am getting to old to handle it all. I have a wife but no children. [SIZE=6.5pt][/SIZE]
    I can offer some assistance to travel and get set up. I am open to discuss / negotiate details. Sorry, illegal activity not allowed because of local laws and enforcement. I am open minded and a free thinker: beatnik, hippy, rainbow, etc.[SIZE=6.5pt][/SIZE]
    Peace and Love, zz3[SIZE=6.5pt][/SIZE]
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    Hey, my fiancé and I have been together five years and are making it official next June. We're looking to relocate after the wedding ( were currently in New York State). We'd be interested in the opportunity. She's very domestic and I'm no stranger to hard work, been working with my hands all my life. Just curious, we'd like to raise sheep instead of goats if that would be an option. We would not need any financial support to move or set up camp/ start building a home. Please let me know if you'd like to talk further and see if we'd be right for you.

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