Looking for a Commune in Ontario

Discussion in 'Canada' started by senseifil, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. senseifil

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    Intentional Community Wanted I am looking for an intentional community (formerly known as a commune) somewhere in or near Ontario, Canada. The kind of place where a group of people build their own homes, grow their own food(live off the land) and grow spiritually together. A self sustaining community off the grid of the capitalist system where peace and love and natural harmony are practiced. If anyone knows of such a place, please comment or private message me the info.
  2. senseifil

    senseifil Guest

  3. N.L.Baron

    N.L.Baron Member

  4. senseifil

    senseifil Guest

    nice, where at?
  5. let me know if you find any cause I'm in , or we can just use my land to make our own and get this thing rollin .
  6. senseifil

    senseifil Guest

    well, i am in contact with another fella with land whom has the same intention. there are structures on the land and forests and cleared farming area. he will be doing more work as spring approaches to prepare it as a commune

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