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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Forgetmenot8524, May 10, 2004.

  1. ok whenever i like a guy and they like me i dont like them anymore... like them liking me is a turn off or something. example:
    theres this guy Nick. i liked him on and off ever since i met him like in November. now he is single ( he had a girlfriend until recently) and he lives 5 minutes away. perfect situation right? and to make it better he likes me back. like he was going to ask me out but wasnt sure i liked him and he and i have kissed (peck on lips) a few times. .but i was in a very indirect way like he would flick my lip or i would and then ask if i or he would like to fix it by kissing it. and this is pretty much the perfect guy. very respectful to girls and everything and now that i know he likes me i am having these thoughts of not liking him and this has happened with numerous guys and i dont know why please help because i really should like them but i cant help my own feelings....:confused:
  2. cotter builds

    cotter builds Member

    just keep being his friend....drop subtle hints over time.....if hes really great, he may come around.....thats just my opinion, but i end up always having gals cheat on me......also, what part of MD you from?

    HUNTA4LIFE Member

    this is simply about challenge... for example i hunt but for me to stalk my prey is more challenging than to sit in a boring old blind and wait for the unsupecting animal to walk pass me no! no challenge! same with you and men they are only attractive to you as long as you have to do things to gain their favor or attentions... the moment you have them you remove the thrill of the chase.... but when you are ready it will come to you and then you will know you want to settle down and quit hunting!
  4. Carroll County....
  5. Little One

    Little One Member

    wow i have the same problem.. i tend to like guys from far away when i think i dont have much of a chance or whatever but when the word gets around and it ends up they like me back.... i dont even want to get involved. maybe its more a intamicy issue but who knows... good luck yo:)
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    maybe you go off guys when you find out they like you too becuse it suddenly makes them attainable? liking a guy when the feelings aren't mutual makes them more desirable because they are not being handed to you "on a plate". when you do catch their eye, or run into them when you dont expect to, its more exciting. the thrill of the chase and the unknown and all that.

    just an idea :)
  7. *Anne85*

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    i have the same problem...i think its because people tend to want what they cant have...
  8. people do tend to want what they can't have that's probably why
  9. .Hannah.

    .Hannah. Member

    I have the same thoughts too and I can't quite feel the same amorous, single-minded feeling when I first fell in love (...when dinosaurs roamed the earth).

    I'm with such a kind and caring, considerate and wonderful guy right now but there are times when my mind reverts to something else. "What if I cancel this?" or "What if I don't return his calls for a couple of days?" And immediately I feel rotten to the core for even thinking it.

    But I feel horrible because I know what it feels like to be treated that way and have been in the other position. It's just the mind playing tricks - you have what you wanted. I learned to keep wanting what I have because at any time it could be gone.
  10. maybe you are simply nervous?

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