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Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by strat69, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. strat69

    strat69 Member

    questions for the guys and the girls:

    what's the longest time you have spent masturbating before allowing yourself to come?
    was that orgasm absolutely huge?
    wee you prolonging your masturbation because you knew the orgasm would be huge?
  2. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    About 30 minutes sometimes just thrusting things in & out of my anus even if sometimes I felt like I desparately needed to pee before hand.
    Sometimes I masturbate when I'm really needing to pee instead at the time.
    Sometimes I pee just before I masturbate. It depends how kinky I want to be at the time & how wet I may get if I don't ?
  3. hornyjohn

    hornyjohn Member

    The longest session Ive ever had was upwards of 8 hours or so. It was an "all-nighter". The only reason I stopped was because I saw the sun coming up and birds starting to chirp and I figured that I would be a zombie if i didnt get some sack time in. I'm not trying to win any awards, and those marathon masturbating sessions are few and far between, and im certainly not going at it full tilt 90% of the time. I just really love doing it, and if I have privacy and time, I want the feeling to last as long as possible. So I edge over and over.

    The downside to this is that when I do orgasm after prolonged masturbation, the finish is very little cum. There is no explosion after say 2 hours of going at it. I know this, and the choice to play for a long time comes at the expense of a big white cumshot.
  4. tomcaine2010

    tomcaine2010 Guest

    The longest masturbation was about 6/7 hours while on cam to a girl who was doing the same.
  5. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    Most impressive. I'm thinking about an hour here. Lacking the self control to edge longer. I don't like sacrificing a good shot for longer duration. My gf says she kept me around for almost 3 hrs last weekend. I can't remember ; too awestruck. LOL.. Zinc and baby oil please.
  6. patindaytona

    patindaytona Guest

    Probably an hour many times.
  7. tricky69

    tricky69 Member

    .... many times 6 hours or so, didnt time it but easily around that especially when having multiple camming sessions . Others times only 10 minutes
  8. chili

    chili Member

    A couple of hours, It was a long cam session.
  9. Gonzomonger

    Gonzomonger Member

    I've gone as long as 6 hours in one session. Time really flies when you're jerking off. Usually when I go for long sessions it's because I've already cum once or twice earlier in the day so the load amounts aren't very large.
  10. KingWilly

    KingWilly Member

    From a guy’s perspective...

    It's interesting how orgasms are and how they affect you. Masturbation being no different really, but it's really an interesting if you really think about it. On the one hand instinctively your body says "Orgasm now!!!" and one side of you wants to cum as quickly as possible, and whether while having sex or masturbating you can do that and then what?

    Instinctively right after you have a wave of emotion & mental things switch gears and you more times than that think “Okay I’m done, move on…” even know your member is probably still hard or if you hang in there can kind of get back into things and keep at it, this is interesting (and I don’t know if it’s the same for other guys) but it’s a bit of a foreign feeling getting back into it in that you’re kind of fighting those instincts of “hey dude, you came, your done…” and also the possible fading of a hard on as well. But if (and that sometimes is a big IF) you can get past that and keep grinding away a couple minutes later it starts to feel good again and then you’re off to a second round. For me this is hit and miss and depends on how horny I am, how quickly I came the first go around, and if I can keep it up.

    Now if you wait and slowly build either by getting close and backing off or simply building things slowly like a massage, in the end the cum is much stronger, but you are fighting in part those instincts of just cuming as quickly as you can. Several things can play into things, such as how much time, energy & mental aptitude you have.

    When masturbating I find I can cum multiple times and on some rare occasions I have cum multiple times (like over 10 times or so) within a couple hours, but those are rare occasions when I’ve been unbelievably horny, whereas most times I’ll cum 2-3 times and call it good. Depends on a lot of elements I suppose. Obviously to overcome boredom and switch things up you do different things, but on average I’d rather slowly build the first one for 5-10 minutes or so and then blast off, and then after that everything else is gravy if in the mindset
  11. TheEdger106

    TheEdger106 Banned

    The longest I've jerked myself off for was about 4 hours. I am masturbating right now and I'm into my third hour. My load is real close and I will probably shoot soon to some hot pussy pics.
  12. My personal best is 10.5 consecutive hours & when I finally let myself cum, it was like a water fountain the 1st few seconds!
  13. mircsta

    mircsta Member

    on speed/meth i have literally pulled myself, off and on, for like 48 hours when my ex was not around. just getting hypnotized by naughty porn girls.

    and yes, it's always an intense cum. like pornstar level explosions.

    if i have enough $$ i like to finish by going to the "massage" parlour and making a half naked little asian tart give me hand relief.
  14. I stay Horny and I love Hairy Pussy but I was so Horny I went 4hrs and was doing fine until I got a call and out of the blue it was an old female nudist friend and I was kinda breatheing beavy anyway she asked me where I lived she was passing thru asked me if I had went to Nude Beach yet I said no but I am going she said I haven't changed a b it she said her Pussy was still really hairy and she caught it she said your jacking off I said yes well I shot cum so hard just hearin g her she was there in 10 minutes I opened the door naked and there she was
  15. sowhatsnew

    sowhatsnew Guest

    I suspect that the answers to these questions will depend upon a lot of things including age, virility and the psychogenetics of the situation. Edging, by which I mean prolonging masturbation by stopping at times to prevent orgasm, is a common feature especially with older men - and it is also easier for them to do it.

    Edging does however allow a higher build up of fluid from the prostate gland and seminal vesicles but, as far as I know, does not increase sperm production. For some this increase in fluid is released continuously through 'pre-cum' but others do not have this and for those this may result in a larger final volume at orgasm.
  16. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    If I'm patient enough and have then time I'll tease myself to the point of an orgasm and then stop and let it to away then pick the pace back up and do this for a while. Body feels pretty exhausted afterwards.
  17. Ciara1991

    Ciara1991 Guest

    ooohh 30 mins maximum i cant handle it keeping my oragsms bak for a long time.. sometime i feel like "hmm i will tease myself by prolonging the time" but then i be like " aaaah too good to let go, whatever i will have another one later :p"
  18. mudlife73

    mudlife73 Member

    I've done it for hours and even taken overnight runs before letting me cum. with the ex we'd have sex all weekend and I'd cum the second or third day.

    The orgasm is unreal and when we finally decided that it was time for me to cum she got plowed and held on for the ride.

    It's the best way to train yourself to last a long time and there is no reason that you need to cum every time you masturbate. The longer you wait the better you'll get.

    When you are having sex if you can get good at peaking then the feeling is insane, getting right to the orgasm and the slowly going in and out till the feeling passes will make your eyes roll in the back of your head.
  19. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    longest, who knows? by far the shortest masturbation i ever had lasted 13 months though. i don't know how i went so fast that time, normally my 24 inch cock can't cum until i've been eating pussy for at least 3 consecutive years.
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  20. TAZER-69

    TAZER-69 Listen To Your Heart! Lifetime Supporter

    I knew this place was going to turn you into a sex machine!

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