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Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Strawberry_Fields_Fo, May 21, 2004.

  1. So, I have really long thick hair. It was down to my waist but I had to trim it tonight cause I was getting split ends. It seems like I get split ends really easily, but I'm trying to grow my hair back out asap. I'm thinking the split ends might be from my brush, since I use the kind with the little ball thingys at the ends. But the other kind of brush doesn't get all the tangles out. Anyone with long hair have any brushing suggestions about keeping split ends away?

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    Unless you are brushing your hair why it is wet your brush should not be causeing split ends. Use a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet. Other than a good conditioner, staying out of the sun, and not using elastic bands. There is not alot you can do to keep from getting them. Just get your hair trimmed regularly
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    start at the bottom, when you are brushing your hair, getting those tangles out first, then working your way up. it may not cut down on split ends, but it will keep you from jerking out all your hair.re: split ends specifically: make sure that you are using a good conditioner, especially if your hair is processed in some way, and cut back on heat styling and blow drying, if you do those things. be sure you are getting it trimmed often enough, like at least every three months.
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    Good advice has been given already, so the only thing I have to add is that some brushes can give you more split ends, especially the ones with sharp bristles, like those rough boar bristle ones, and the kind you use (the plastic ones with the little balls at the ends) tend to have sharp bits at the bottom of the bristles too.

    Ever since I started only using a comb I've had SO fewer split ends. In fact, my hair has been shinier and smoother all round. Although I don't grow it down to my waist anymore because it pulls the waves out... growing healthy hair that long takes patience because you still have to trim it regularly while it grows.

    Good luck!
  5. lunaluvcat

    lunaluvcat Member

    can I reccomend using one of those natural brissel brushes. they are really good for your hair and distibute the natural oils from root to tip keeping hair super healthy.
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    I use a wood comb with no seams. Cheap combs can cut your hair because of the molding seams.

    Boar bristle is great if you use animal parts. I don't but I know a few ultra long haired ladies who do.

    consider a leave-in conditioner and oil treatments. Olive/avacado are great. Canola is fine.
    also keep trimming off those ends splits don't heal. They travel.
  7. Allow your hair to dry natraully as often as possible.
    Only ever comb your hair. I comb mine in the shower then stick my hair back under the water. This also reduces frizz. :)
    Use the best moisturising conditioner you can afford.
    Get trims regulary.
    Remeber that tools like straightening and curling irons are like the kiss of death for your hair.
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    My hair is really really long and just as thick.

    I never brush my hair when its wet, it'll just pull it all out. I use the Herbal Essences shampoo and condish. No blow dry, no hairspray, nothing. I trim it once a year. Now it's nice and pretty.
    Hmm, did I even help you at all? I think I just gave my hair an ego boost.
    Ahh well.
  9. When my hair was that long I also used a wide tooth comb. Much better for your hair. I also started at the bottom. I would pull it all around to the side and hold it kinda like a pony tail and start combing from the bottom and keep going up.
    Also wind is a problem,,,wind snaps your hair around so hard! So if you drive with windows down or have a convertable,,,pull your hair up or put a hat or bandanna around it to protect it.
    I have found that the more expensive the product the better. I never would buy salon products ,,now I have tried some and love them.Aveda is great ,, the leave in is sooo light weight and all their products are infused with plants & herbs. I actually check ebay for the conditioner & leave in (elixer) and I will get them for the same price as regular products is stores.
  10. Thanks everyone!! I always let my hair dry naturally, and I've started using leave-in conditioner. I didn't know the wind damaged your hair...interesting. Thanks again.

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    I don't really care about split ends. I'm sure I have them, but I'm sure it doesn't matter. I also have short hair, so I don't know if that would affect having split ends or not. but I wash it every other day and never brush it or blow-dry it, or really do anything to it. I get it cut every once in awhile, whenever I feel like a change. Uh...doesn't really help with the thread, but that's my thought.

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