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    recently i been going through some things in my life and today i recognized that there's a difference between being lonely and alone.... i thought i was alone bcuz i had noone to share any of my hopes and dreams with but funny thing is im not alone as i have wonderful family members here in this community. but when i lay awake at night and star gaze or think of tender moments once shared and futuristically longing for i realize that it is the demon of loneliness...i once was troubled by the fact that i may never taste the pleasures of anotha woman"s kiss or feel her body locked in my arms... but my inner peace is still intact and today i have a peaceful place... society sucks and i will not trade my inner soul for the facade of happiness only to have a woman's love returned... there is not any profit in materialistic gain or selling one's soul for the benefit of physical enjoyment... but if you are a woman thald like that can feel what i mean i ask you to reply for i would love to have a friend with similar viewpoints and maybe have a viewpoint of a loving friend:)
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    I feel your pain! Seriously

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