London murder rate rises higher than NY City

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    London murder rate beats New York as stabbings surge

    London has been rapidly replacing its native population as the murder rate rises. How can this be? It’s as if the people who are arriving in mass, are more violent than the natives. Who would’ve seen this coming?

    Nah that can’t be it. Clearly it has to do with the number of guns available in the country, and the NRA!

    Oh wait....
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    Although New York has a slightly lower population than London, they had approximately 220 murders last year, compared with our 80
    The New York figure is something to be proud of, since back in 1990, more than 2000 people were murdered.
    Here in London nearly 90% of our stabbings were in 4 boroughs and mostly related to gang and drug culture. Police are setting up a huge operation to educate these young people and bring the senseless loss of life to a halt.
    Perhaps you are suggesting that a better way would be for all of us to carry guns and murder the murderers. LOL.
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    Oh, wait...It's April Fool's Day! The key word is "rate"--number of incidents per unit of population over a given unit of time. The statistic you cite is for a single month, February, which can easily give a misleading idea of the overall picture. But of course that was the whole idea. This story also appeared in Fox News, which admits it isn't really news but entertainment. London murder rate beats New York for month as stabbings surge Just goes to prove the adage "Figures don't lie, but liars can figure." Your phrasing suggests that London is experiencing a homicide wave of knifings as a result of an influx of immigrants. The Sunday Times reported today that 15 people were murdered in London in February, against 14 in New York. London murders for March are also likely to exceed or equal New York’s. By late last night, March 31, there were 22 killings in London, compared with 21 in New York City. OMG! One more person was murdered each month in two months in London than in New York City! That's two victims altogether. One could interpret this as crime really getting out of hand in London, or NYC continuing it's commendable efforts in reducing homicide, or just a statistical anomaly over an insignificant two month period-- or this is a subtle British April Fools spoof to see how many of its readers are fools. If the he murder rate is 1 per 100,000 people and it rises to 2 per 100,000 people, one could accurately say that the rate of increase has doubled. But which is more dangerous? That or a place where the murder rate is 1000 per 100,000 and it rises to 1001 per 100,000? The latter has a far lower rate of increase in murder , but I'd take my chances with the former. On the bright side,the number of homicides in London is lower today than it was in 1990--before the big immigrant influx (130 today vs. 184 then).. Crime in London - Wikipedia
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    ...and no response to Okie. Big surprise. I'm betting we'll still see this claim again elsewhere on the forums regardless. What a joke.
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  5. NotMyRealName

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    Let us know how this works out.
  6. wilsjane

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    Rather than a short purge with no follow up, several of these programs are run jointly between police local authorities and schools. Even doctors from A&E units are helping, by bringing home the aftermath of this stupid trend.
    Few people realize, that for every fatal stabbing among these groups, their are about 100 non fatal stabbings that require medical attention, putting a huge burden on hospitals. These crimes have risen drastically in recent years, so even stopping a further increase will be a success of sorts.

    Our daughter is a London police officer and few people realize the work that police do in the community. She spends hours when on night shift, chatting to the homeless and getting them into programs that can lead to rehabilitation into society, some of their stories are heart breaking. Sadly, once they take to alcohol or drugs, they need REAL help in order to save them from the fate of being discovered dead in their cardboard box one cold morning. Our daughter makes an extra effort for the ex military guys who have ended up in this sad situation.

    I am proud to live in a country where anyone, regardless of their background, gender, or ethnic origins can always approach our police force for help and not be judged.
    Sadly, this is the part of police work that does not make exciting television programs.

    Government proposals to privatize our police forces fill me with complete horror.
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  7. Deidre

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    So some of you feel this is “fake news?”
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  8. Okiefreak

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    I'd say highly deceptive news. Two additional deaths in the space of two months is not statistically significant, and to go on from that, as Six does, to suggest that it's a trend and that immigration is responsible seems calculated to mislead. This is how propagandists operate. Half truths are as good as, if not better than, lies, because here he's got the London Times for backup.
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  9. Deidre

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    I’m actually glad you cleared this up because I honestly would have been mislead by this article. :blush:
  10. NotMyRealName

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    Yes the uncovered aftermath is as much if not more the problem. My g/f is a physician. She left private practice to become a teaching physician. The teaching institution is a low or no income facility that young students get to learn from. Since ObamaCare came into being, these facilities become the primary funnel for treatments. They get a bit of everything off the streets. Most of it senseless crimes on one another. When one life is lost, there are often kids that have to become wards of the state, or spouses that go one welfare, etc etc. Further when a GSW comes in, it often jumps over other patients that were there to get care for a less life threatening cause, say a heart attack for example. The GSW becomes more of a priority than a heart attack. Senseless violence that effects more than the victims directly involved. Some patients are back with new GSWs shortly after being released from care of the previous ones. She treated one patient recently, this was the 9th event in which they got shot. They have no choice in the hospital. They have to treat them regardless of the reason that came to bring them there. It places a huge drain on resources. Only to become a revolving door healthcare plan.

    I went there to meet her for lunch a few months back. One guy comes in bleeding badly, staggering in and collapsed right there in front of us. They got some blood in him, stabilized him and sent him to the OR. Meanwhile the other fellow that was stabbed but not as badly, comes into the same facility. Ambulatory, angry and wanting access to the other fellow. Security had to be called, cops were called, both patients later released with no arrest being made. Both claiming it was an unknown assailant (Nobody knows nothing when the cops start asking questions). Yet the cops knew that it took place right across the street as they could follow the blood trail back.

    All very very stupid waste of tax dollars.

    And here are a few versions of the same article about rising crime in the UK. Take it however you feel you like.

    London now more dangerous than New York City, crime stats suggest

    Crime Rate Lower in United States, Canada Than in Britain
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  11. Noserider

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    So, London had one more murder than NY in February?

    Gee, stay safe my Brit friends. Clearly your society is coming apart at the seams *eye roll*
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  12. NotMyRealName

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    Depends on what version of the story you want to read. Its about the TRENDS taking place. NYC is going down, London is going up. It appears this is the first crossover month. The only significant difference I see is that no matter what they won't be due to guns very often in the UK. Different weapons of choice.
  13. Ged

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    The Conservative Government, traditionally the self-proclaimed party of law and order, have presided over roughly a 20,000 reduction of police officers in England and Wales over the last couple of years. This is due to their austerity policies, because we are broke. I never see police on the streets, they just wiz around in their high performance cars. A certain proportion of the population see this as a green light for lawlessness, and have become 'activated'.
  14. NotMyRealName

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    Key phrase in common to fighting crime problems. "Because we are broke" How much can we afford to pour into black holes when we have other problems to fix as well.
  15. wilsjane

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    While I am concerned about the problems in London, I am just very happy for the people living in New York.
    An interesting factor is that here in the UK, cities such as Manchester have a far higher violent crime rate than London, Perhaps comparing the entire UK with the whole of the US would produce a far more accurate statistic. Needless to say, it would have to be expressed taking into account the huge population difference.
    I wonder if the people comparing London to New York have taken into account the fact that London has a higher population.
  16. Asmodean

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    They have nothing to worry about! Since (according to the OP) this is an immigrant related issue the solution (Brexit) is already in progress ;) :p
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  17. machinist

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    The police in London are pussies. Afraid to do anything because it could be percieved as racist or islamophobic.
  18. wilsjane

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    Sadly, this is mainly a problem among the latest generation Afro Caribbean population in London, rather than people from other parts of Europe. Hopefully it will be resolved soon by the education programs that are being set up.
    You hear these young guys complaining about police stop and search tactics, but it is rarely their parents who complain. Almost all of the older generation just want their children to be able to walk the streets in safety and support police efforts to get knives off the streets.
  19. NotMyRealName

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    Dang it. You shouldn't have said Afro Carribean.
  20. Okiefreak

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    I take it as misleading use of statistics. How else could anyone take it when the factual basis for the assertion is known?
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