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  1. Just began reading this book because it was recommended to me by some friends. Anyone read it already?
  2. Jennasia

    Jennasia Member

    I read this years ago and rather enjoyed it and at the time it was my favorite book. But I love literature and it's a good read and at the time I was obsessed with the story. I dont know what kind of books you're into if you're into thrillers or sci-fi you might find the book to be a bit slow as "literature" usually is........
  3. Peculiar Girl

    Peculiar Girl Member's a bit slow but a great read and definately a classic!
  4. I had always wanted to read this book. I agree with all the others it is a slow book. It took me three times to finish it completely. I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t read it again.
  5. tishie_bear

    tishie_bear Member

    I just finished reading Lolita by Valdimir Nabokov, About this middle aged European scholar(also a pedophile) that comes to America and moves into this lady's house after seeing her 12 year old daughter, Lolita. He becomes obessed w/ Lolita and after a while he starts having a sexual relationship w/ the her.
    Even though the book is very controversial, I found myself laughing at alot of parts in the book. I think it called a tragicomedy, cause its like sad at the end. I totally love this book it's has such an innovative style. It was so beautifully writen. I also saw the the movie(which sucked) and it was nothing like the book.
  6. myself

    myself just me

    Have you sometimes sided with Humbert Humbert?
  7. Flight From Ashiya

    Flight From Ashiya Senior Member

    Great modern classic.
    I read it a few years ago.It was banned in the USA for much of the early to mid-1950s.
    It isn't really a shocking text;it's just the subject-matter that is controversial.
    It is a perceptively written narration of a lonely middle-aged college lecturer who courts his landlady in order to be close to her teen-age daughter.
    I thought that the Stanley Kubrick 1962 film adaptation was true to the novel but not true to the book's sentiments.Also it doesn't help seeing the ending as the opening scene.
  8. myself

    myself just me

    It's slow sometimes because the author tries to do a psychological analysis of the characters. Especially Humbert Humbert shares his thoughts with the reader.
  9. i like the fact that in the end of the book i had no remorse for any of the characters, they didnt make either one of them in to a hero
  10. Ayhoe

    Ayhoe Member

    Lolita is a great book. When I brought it to the counter at the bookstore, the girl behind the counter said to me, 'This is my favourite book. It's like reading poetry.' Nabokov had a very captivating way of telling stories, and his word choice is beautiful.

    It is indeed comical at parts - the narrator has an amusing sense of humour sometimes.
  11. AfricaUnite

    AfricaUnite Member

    Who hasnt?
  12. dylanzeppelin

    dylanzeppelin daydream believer

    one of the books on my list of books to read. it seems so interesting and i love that twisted stuff.
  13. TreeFiddy

    TreeFiddy Member

    I'm reading this book right now and absolutely love it, it's already like my second favorite book of all time (right behind Giovanni's Room). Nabokov is brilliant at expressing the fury of obsession in words...
  14. L.A.Matthews

    L.A.Matthews Senior Member

    Just finished reading it this morning. Amazing book.
  15. I read it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. I like how in principle you want to be on Lolita's side and kind of sympathize with the girl, but Nabakov just won't let you. He draws you into Humbert's psyche and ties you to him throughout the book. You understand his need, his desire. You feel his frustration, and his motivation. Nabokov did a great job of taking a controversial subject and injecting it with so much emotion and alternate perspective (that is, a different perspective than that which is usually taken on the subject of pedophilia) that you end up with a beautiful, insightful piece of fiction.
  16. Its Banned in Britain, at least on the internet its banned - against the law to type the word into a browser in britain
  17. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    Dude, you should be banned in Bovine Britain, too. You can get the book anywhere in the streets of your poor country, so why is it banned on the internet? Is it another one of your mad cow's disorders? doh. lol
  18. No ! typing the word "lolita" into a search engine and hitting enter is against the law as it now stands in britain. This is punishable by a maximum penalty of 2 years in prison
    because apparently there is underage pornography called "lolita" porn and searching forr it is illegal

    I will find the list of banned words on the home office website
    will post below this post
  19. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    If it's done to fight child pornography then fair enough, but it still doesn't sound right. Shouldn't they (the police) focus their energy on arresting suspects, rather than imposing yet another prohibition? - p.s. sorry if I'm straying off subject. but considering that this (Lolita) has been a banned book, perhaps it is relevant.
  20. L.A.Matthews

    L.A.Matthews Senior Member

    That's the biggest crock of shit I've heard. Sorry, but you're wrong.

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