Logarithmic Time

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    Why time seems to go by more quickly as we get older

    Causal decomposition in the mutual causation system

    This is an interesting idea about how we perceive the passage of time in a logarithmic fashion, due to the fact our brain treats the passage of time as increasing the sheer amount of data we perceive. A two year old lives more in the present moment, because a year is literally half their life and they cannot contextualize such a long period of time. Assuming time is the ultimate unfathomable mystery, then this is the kind of observations I would expect that suggest the passage of time is ultimately indistinguishable from any other type of information we might collect.

    This is pattern matching, which implies the size of the brain and thermodynamics reflect the average lifespan of our species. An animal as large as we are could never have the brain of an insect and vice versa, because the brain itself is a thermodynamic engine that obeys Shannon Entropy, or information entropy, as well as thermodynamic entropy. A steam engine can build up heat inside and the whistle blowing and train moving are how it releases some of the heat, and the architecture of the human body and brain could extend that to the level of complexity required to support consciousness as we know.

    The brain uses an estimated 30-70 watts and you could say that, in a Goldilocks Universe that obeys singularity physics, for consciousness to emerge the brain must generate as much heat and information as it has to process. Our brains, you could say, make an impression of the world around them without drawing clear distinctions between what is energy and information, space and time. The logarithmic aspect of how this works implies we require a formulation of Boyle's Law that expresses four rudimentary ways in which the contents of any container exchange identities with the container itself, producing the most rudimentary emergent effects possible and four types of self-assembling and self-organizing behavior.

    Assuming four rudimentary "subtypes" of spontaneous self-organizing behavior, that means the principle of identity can easily vanish down the nearest available rabbit hole or toilet of your personal preference. It would make emergent effects, time, and self-organizing behavior all ultimately higher dimensional phenomena that are humanly inconceivable. What we don't know becomes every bit as important as what we do know, and what we don't do becomes every bit as important as what we do. The fact consciousness has allowed us to invent tools, reflects the thermodynamics becoming more complex again.

    I'll have to read the second article and think about it a bit, but the basic idea suggests again that the passage of time simply is not a machine, and being able to connect it to stochastic processes in the brain is one of four ways to explore the self-organization of time within the brain.
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    my favourite kind of time
  3. Errrr, once again your thread has nothing to do with the post you linked, in this case absolutely nothing.

    Paramecium is a parasite. They are talking about dependencies on how it eats or gets eaten
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    Time is an ocean... it stops at the shore.
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    Because serotonin decreases slightly as we get older (late 30’s to to sixties. ) so memories are activated , so we think more about the date of the next birthday. Then restabalises quick quickly at first then continues on to 70,s to 80,s ( and can go back to almost half way of mind is stimulated) that’s why once you hit your 60’s it’s gd to keep mind stimulated so limited chance/risk of dementia
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    The brain is more fundamentally a creative engine that only happens to resemble a computer as a way to be more creative. The exact fuzzy logic the subconscious mind uses and that the hypothalamus uses for storing and retrieving memories is now being documented, but suffice it to say its more accurate to think of the brain as a distributed gain amplifier, or analog FM stereo. Essentially, the brain focuses the awareness of the collective unconscious and produces its own theater of the mind that expresses the same yin-yang push-pull dynamics of the conscious and unconscious mind and laws of physics.
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    Hmm not bad way off on some bits , but pretty close on others -You got potential so gave you a like. Well done , go study I’d say bio chemistry your way off wave lengths would work to your advantage in bio chemistry.
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    Actually, he’s quite impressive (wrong yes, but pretty close) , but has potential. If taught correctly would exceed in a field of like bio chemistry. He has natural Lateral thinking which is why he goes this way and that will make him pretty damn gd if taught correctly
  9. A second link has now magically appeared, after someone noticed the decomp link has got nothing to do with what he said
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    How long have you been arguing wd him on his thread posting?

    His iq isn’t as high as mine, but very high - I have picked on his subconscious punt “notice the tag name” brain damaged - notice he is’t biting back , he’s feeding off you (as he’s not brain damaged at all) (trying to learn off your Nero transmitters responses) His trying to learn my field. His mind is’t as fast as mind either that’s why his mind is going lateral. seems like he’s been reading a lot , but can’t afford the tuition. He wants the bite and feeds off it very impressive.
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    Lol prob cause he knows I’m watchin n changed it . Have no doubt he’s feeding off it and enjoys it prob has Nerochemistry book right next to him. I’d say early 20’s but Neurochemistry is’t his field he’s trying but to lateral bio chemistry is his go .
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    LOL, I merely collect metaphors from any source whatsoever that can provide good ones. Sucking brains dry is for lawyers and bankers.
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    Lol mhm now he’s trying to test me now , notice the fast mind wd his typing like me though his is going lateral
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    Go study bio chemistry and no point testing me, so I’ll stop responding now- very impressive though. Lol Continue on it takes a lot to impress me.

  15. .....or not
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    Biochemistry cannot define life as we know it, with quantum mechanics suggesting for over a century that everything can be considered alive. One in five Americans insists the sun revolves around the earth and nobody has ever been able to document the existence of common sense anywhere in the world, while I've learned that academics are much better at shooting their fucking mouths off and pointing fingers in classic Three Stooges style than they are at even teaching a child how to share their words and play nice. Impressing academics is not on my agenda, however, they hate me for suggesting that lowbrow slapstick is intrinsic to nature and that it explains the quantum observer effect.

    Being able to throw their own terminology back in their fucking faces in a self-consistent, nontrivial, and demonstrable fashion that can even make unique predictions is the only way to get through their thick skulls that there is more in heaven and earth. Fuck the assholes destroying the planet and calling everybody else idiots. What's your specialty, human genetic engineering?
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    If your mind was faster I would say yes to learn my field , Your Iq is high but ur mind is’t fast enough so your to lateral. Bio Chemistry has many sub fields in it to. You will enjoy it and learn them all quick. Astro physics is to lateral for you to.
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    I am a modern day shaman, Mother Nature speaks to me sometimes in plain English, and the very idea I have any choice in such things is laughable. You might as well tell me pig can fly. You obviously know nothing about me, but seem intent on telling me every wrong with me. Typical academic lawyer doublespeak bullshit. Richard Dawkins even invented his own nonsense word "meme" convincing millions to babble nonsensically in the name of science, reason, and survival of the fittest idiot atheist. Next you'll be trying to define stupid for me.

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