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  1. peace_sells

    peace_sells Member

    hey does anyone know where all the good locticians are hiding in the UK?
    And also what would be your advice if I wanted to become a loctician? Does anyone know if there are courses in it? or if it's something you just have to do yourself?
    I didn't know which clippy thing to put this under so I thought here would be juuuussst fine :)
    Peace x
  2. loctician? as in some one who dose dreadlocks for a job?
  3. Well I was going to make a business in Victoria here,

    Place posters around town and blah blah. Because the dread locks I do.. look better then salon made dreads, and are acutely knotted hair not twisty weirdness which people pay 400$ for... but I decided not to for belief reasons

    But if you are thinking about becoming a dread created.. I would NOT suggest u go take a course.. learn from experience and time of having dreadlocks, observing and creating..

    For example I have dealt with deadlocking for many many different hair types… (which is a KEY factor), LONG silky straight hair, short semi curly, shoulder length semi curly, really short straight.. my head wrapping my hands around the back of my head not being able to see anything and REALLY NAPPY heads too.. mmmm sooo easy with them nappy guys!

    Any way I have no clue if this is actually what your talking about though (Loctician)

    I don’t live in the UK so I would not know of any places and if your looking for getting a head I would not suggest going to a salon. And if u would like to be come a (loctician) ((((in which I’m just guessing what that is)))) I would say don’t get a job at a salon DO IT YOUR SELF … self run business, makes it more personal.. u get to meet lots of cool people and it’s a experience all in it’s own doing dread’s (watch out for blisters) if you need any information or help on any of this (assuming this is what your asking) feel free to ask away
  4. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    Heya. Fleassy the UK gal here :p first thing, dont go to salon (as buddah said) wesspecial avoid Camden :p they woo you in with promices of nice dreadies and leave you with greasy messes.
    I know how to do dreads but i'd sujjest doing them yourself like i did. If you want to learn how to do them i again second Buddahs advice... im afraid to say but it IS trial an error. Look into dreadlocks so you dont make vital misstakes.. like wax *cringe* but aside from that all you can do is give it a go on a few people (including yourself) and give it a go.. to behonest you cant really go wrong :p
  5. PeaceBabe

    PeaceBabe Senior Member

    I got my dreads done 'profesinaly' accually it was a woman I met at a 'human chain for peace' concert, and she has a business at her home.
  6. jamaica

    jamaica Member

    yeah, i got mine done proffesionally too but unlike yours peacebabe (which are very nice if you are who i think you are...fluffymushroom??)she loaded them with wax after a minimum of backcombing and twisting. they were falling apart that night as well as being greasy gross. i ended up washing he wax out the next day and destroying the $200.00 ca job. i combed out and redid them myself and i just grabbed wack chunks of hair so they look really bad but at least its my mess this time :)
  7. PeaceBabe

    PeaceBabe Senior Member

    Yeah, this is fluffy. The girl that did mine put a very tiny bit of wax on a couple on them, the next day I couldnt even notice there was wax on them. She did a very nice job on mine, it took 13 hours and cost $130.00 I got a very good deal
  8. belaka

    belaka Guest

    hey. i know this was written like forever ago...but i live in Michigan and was looking for a person to do my dreads...i just came across this post...and was wondering if you had any of this ladys info i could get or if you know of anyone? its hard to find anyone in michigan that knows what they are doing, thanks.
  9. Dragonvine

    Dragonvine I do Glass

  10. vigilanteherbalist2

    vigilanteherbalist2 Senior Member

    wrong forum dude wrong forum. leave now or risk being singed.
  11. natural philosophy

    natural philosophy bitchass sexual chocolate

    try submitting this question at www.knottylocks.tk forum. they know a lot more about that than we do here.

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