Living without justifying anything.

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by Martin J Sallberg, May 21, 2013.

  1. As shown in "Mind, Brain and Education" by Kurt Fischer and Christina Hinton, and in "The brain that changes itself" by Norman Doidge, there is evidence for extreme recoveries from brain damage and other severe mental disorders (even symptom-free people with no cerebral cortex at all, which is neurologically equal to a pre-mammalian therapsid aka mammal-like lizard thinking human level intelligently), as well as evidence that those extreme recoveries are linked to tolerant environments.

    However, if tolerance alone determined learning ability, then people from strict Asian cultures should have been retarded (even compared to other people in this unwise ecologically destructive world) and that is obviously not the case. So extreme strictness is, although not as good as extreme tolerance, still less bad than semi-tolerance.

    These facts can be explained if it is justification that paralyzes self-correction. If the environment is very tolerant, there is no need to justify anything. If the environment is extremely strict, justification is more or less futile. While semi-tolerance that both demands and accepts justifications is sheer poison. It is a truism that justification paralyzes self-correction, and the extreme recoveries explained above shows just how far self-correction can go when unhampered by justification.

    Claiming that this plasticity theory should be blaming sick or disabled people is a fallacy. The theory actually rejects blaming because blaming leads to justification. The point in true tolerance is to eradicate blaming as such so that nobody needs to say "I cannot help it" under any circumstances whatsoever. That is why those extreme recoveries can happen (a "tolerance" based on "he/she cannot help it" excusing would of course create a nocebo effect which is the destructive version of placebo and therefore be counterproductive in this context).

    In fact, considering the stupidity and habits that is destroying the world today, such extreme plasticity is exactly what the world needs most badly. A problem cannot be solved on the same level of intelligence as it was created. The reason why all proposed political and economical models proposed to solve the global problems have serious drawbacks is because they were all created at the same level of intelligence as the problems themselves. By contrast, radical non-justification promises an ascent to a higher level of intelligence.

    Communal living sites exclusively for committed non-justification lifestylers is of course a possible part of getting the movement started in the early phase. At the same stage, support on duty to help people still living at home to make their friends/family respect their non-justification is also advisable. If non-justification runs up against authorities demanding justifications, it is possible to place floating communal livings for antijusts on international water, and wait there until the world collapses under its own ecological destructiveness. The collapse can be survived by non-justification tweaking metabolism to survive food shortages (if people from some cultures can already, as shown even in controlled laboratories, change heart rate and body temperature meditatively, how much more efficient would not absolute non-justification be?).

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