Living Inside Me

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by XoticDivinity, May 19, 2004.

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    You leave me dry,
    Like a cold winded day.
    Chapped skin though you were my embrace,
    Hard core and I feel no rain,
    I'm lost til you find your way.
    Third time and I'll extend to the fourth,
    foul play now the balls out of court.
    Rough times and they all seem to cease,
    when I pop up in my dreams.
    So judgemental as your mind closes holes,
    fucking mental for a time I have chose.
    No one knows you the way that I do,
    no one holds you when the night is so shrewd.
    I am the evil that lingers near,
    so comforting I take away your fears.
    You can trust that I'll protect your mind,
    Know that nothing can reach me from behind.
    Collabarating to be the seen,
    so vain so famously sheen.
    So blue heavens waiting for you,
    at the gates as every demise follows through.
    Im so lucky to achieve so many hues,
    so fortunate to see what I do.
    I bare all insides and show all scars,
    leaving me vunurable and my defense not far.
    My mental capacity so huge yet frail,
    trying to figure out my belongings,
    is like you hearing braile.
    Pass all time and through many grooves,
    come to notice your dying too.
    In different ways and some less harsh,
    yet still your insides tear you apart.
    Come to me as you've always done,
    hide in me with exploration to embark.
    I am your darkness when the sun decieves you,
    I am your twisted when the world percieves you.
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    You must read the dictionary a LOT. I repeat a lot of words in my poems. It was good, but I got lost somewhere in the middle. I stopped trying to figure out the whole thing.
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    Great job! Your vocabulary is rich and teh poem flows really well! Bravo.
  4. XoticDivinity

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    LOL! Im 22 going on 23yrs. I've been writing since I was about 10yrs old. I read alot so Im sure that helps with the vocab. Plus almost 14yrs of experience with seeing how I can use words in different ways does help! Thanx for the compliment.
  5. XoticDivinity

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    thanx! I appreciate it:O)

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