Live @ Digitized 27-04-2007

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    This was my warm up set for April's Digitized. Download, listen and give feedback if you so wish. Cheers.

    Click on the picture below to download:


    Track list:

    Jimmy Hill - People
    Umek - Posing As Me
    Thomas Penton & Hernan Serrao - Jacks Funk
    Blake Jarrell vs. Dane Cook - Dude I Just Wanna Dance
    Poison Pro - Hello
    Antidote - Remote Control Auto Pilot
    DC Project - Absurd Things
    Perch - Silent Creek (Alex Monakhov Remix)
    Der Mystik - Jewel Eyes (Original Mix)
    Moxa - Dreamcatcher (Firestorm remix)
    Orjan Nilsen pres. OR - Beat Design
    Evasie - Rae Of Sun (Firestorm & Steve Allan Remix)
    Temple One - Forever Searching (Original Mix)
    Sulaco - Impact

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