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Discussion in 'Writers Forum' started by bradofcentralpa, May 10, 2004.

  1. I just finished my first year of college as an English major, and my interest in critical analyses has grown. any other future or current critics out there? know any interesting articles to be read? i really enjoy reading a story, taking notes, then reading some articles... i don't know where this could go on these forums, but i'm just checking for interest...peace
  2. mkc414

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    What approaches of critical analysis are you interested in? Just curious. I discontinued majoring in English for the same reasons. :p

    A friend of mine who is going for a phd in lit passed this onto me-
  3. veinglory

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    I don't know much about critical analysis accept to the extent that I've had a few book reviews published...
  4. DharmaBum

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    I've never for the life of me Understand the Use of Any Critic of just about anything.*shrugs*
  5. MaxPower

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    I'm a video game reviewer, so I've dealt out my fair share of criticism. What exatly are you thinking of analyzing/criticising?
  6. well, i'm mostly into formal approaches like finding an aesthetic statement in the form of the narration or 'simply' analyzing imagery or plot development, but my most recent professor was all about doing feminist, marxist, or racially focused readings. for example, i wrote a paper about Faulkner's short story, "a rose for emily," and the narrator's tone and choices in what to tell are crucial, but i was instructed to write a feminist analysis (also crucial, but not my cup of tea)...gotta jet...more later. peace
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    It sound like you want to be an academic then? That kind of analysis isn't seen much in the Sunday paper? Academia is a competitive industry these days, especially in the arts. Start sucking up to the lecturers now, you will need those contacts later...
  8. yeah, i guess so...academia may be competitive, but at least it's not quite 'the real world.' hehe.
  9. mkc414

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    Lol, the real world does kinda suck. My friend got into a lit Phd prog at Harvard. I think his background in Philosophy was key, because few lit students have it. Good luck man.

  10. Rebel_1

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    A site to check out Here is a guy and an organization not afraid to put themselves on the line to bring you the truth about things.

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