List / Photos of Dogs Turned In To Dillon Montana Animal Shelter 7/11

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by willow_11, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. willow_11

    willow_11 Member

    Missing a dog?
    Want to adopt a rainbow dog?
    Want to sponsor a rainbow dog?

    There were 12 dogs turned in 7/11.
    This beats the heck out of the 40-something reportedly left @ last Montana gather so, good work family!
    No cats are listed at the shelter so far, though I have heard a couple of folks have lost cats.

    Please see the link above which is complete with photos and descriptions.

    Contact information:

    Humane Society of Beaverhead County
    80 Lagoon Lane
    Dillon, MT 59725

    Phone: (406) 683-8119


    Thank you for loving our 4 Leggeds!
  2. TradinBill

    TradinBill Member

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