Lingerie On or Off ?

Discussion in 'Lingerie & Costumes' started by Mysteron, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Captain Scarlet

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    Just wondering what you guys and gals preferences are here when having a bedroom session?

    From my own experience I can divide this into my own preference and my OHs preferences .My wife is not into the new ranges of male lingerie so she prefers me naked. This hasn't always been the case as I did have body confidence issues before I lost weight and toned my body . I can therefore empathise with those who have body confidence issues .My Mrs still has these as she is only part way through her weight loss journey. Her favourites tend to be floaty babydolls with matching coloured stockings and a lacy matching thong . This gives her the confidence she needs and so the lights can be left on albeit dimmed . It also appeals to me as a guy I do like visual things and a woman just wearing a bit of something is more sexier to me . That is just my preference . Another way one can look at it is that if a woman or me in most cases spends a lot of money on the lingerie, then its not going to be money well spent if it ends up on the bedroom floor in a matter of seconds. However I appreciate that there are those who just want to get stripped for action as soon as possible as we all have different tastes and needs.
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  2. I leave a key for her at the front desk of the hotel. She knows the room number. She also knows what is required for her to wear. I'm waiting in the room having prepared it for our meeting. I hear the door open and close. She steps into the main room dressed in the business outfit I requested. A red blazer, black wrap around knee length skirt, stockings, and black pumps. Not to high, maybe 3 inches. She tosses her handbag into the chair as I approach her wordlessly. I take her hand and remove her wedding rings. You belong to me for the afternoon I tell her while dropping them into the handbag. With that I unbutton her blazer, slip it off her shoulders to the floor. She has on a black half cup bra under her camisole. The skirt has a simple snap on the side which I release. It drops to the floor. What I initially thought was a camisole was a full length black slip. It is sheer enough that I can see through to make out the red garter and matching thong panties. I kneel down and lift the slip over my head placing the front of the thong panties at my mouth inhaling her scent. As I rise I pull the slip up and over her head. It falls to the floor. We move to an embrace which gives me access to the fasteners of her bra. It too matches the garter and panties. They come loose and I step back pulling it from her shoulders allowing her breasts to become exposed. Another garment finds its way to the floor. Slowly savoring each nipple with my tongue, one at a time, gives me the pleasure of removing the snaps on the garter supporting her stockings. They are loose now and I gently ease her to the bed. Lying her back I roll a stocking down the leg to her shoe. Running my fingers lightly up her now bare leg I reach her thongs and briefly pause. She maintains some poise as I do this. Then the other leg is tended to rolling that stocking to her shoe. I kneel at the foot of the bed and unclasp one shoe, toss it into the pile, and remove the stocking. It is time now that I explore her precious foot making sure to taste each toe as I go. I run my tongue from heel to toe on the underside causing her to squirm a little. Then looking into her eyes with a devilish smile I repeat with her other leg. She is having trouble maintaining her composure now especially with the attention I am giving to the soles of her feet. Noting the thong panties are now showing her excitement I climb onto the bed with her. Reaching under her waist the garter is unfastened and removed. The floor has another garment. The nipples of her breasts are at attention now and I position my head between her legs to inhale her scent which has become stronger. It is now time I unwrap my prize and I grasp the thong panties at her hips and pull them from under her body, down her legs and discard them into the pile on the floor. She is now presented to me for my enjoyment with uninhibited access. I have to say that in the beginning I liked her with her lingerie intact. In the end I would rather it be removed.
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  3. Altman

    Altman Bull

    I prefer my lady to wear a t shirt and thong to bed preferably a g string :hearteyes:
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  4. Slunted

    Slunted 'long time listener, first time caller'

    Starts on finishes off, or half off or pulled away for access :tearsofjoy:
  5. Friendly10

    Friendly10 Members

    I prefer the slutty look take some clothes an cut them up and I'm happy.
  6. Angela36

    Angela36 Members

    I have to agree with Slunted. It's been my experience guys like to work at least just a little to get to what's inside.
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  7. olderndirt

    olderndirt Members

    I like it when she wears lingerie or even one of my shirts. I enjoy unwrapping the package.
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  8. Slunted

    Slunted 'long time listener, first time caller'

    Always more excited to unwrap a present. Rather than get it given straight to you. Meh that's my two cents.
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  9. Angela36

    Angela36 Members

    There is also something sexy about being unwrapped. Anticipation!
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  10. Slunted

    Slunted 'long time listener, first time caller'

    Exactly :blush:
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  11. erofant

    erofant Members

    Give me a business suit or a nice evening dress, with black high heels and black stockings with the seam in the back - or lace stockings. Underneath is a black lacy garter belt, black crotchless panties, and a great, black lacy bra. I LOVE a slow unwrapping by HER …………… to show me she's HOT & knows it. She doesn't want a "quickie". She wants a marathon. And she MEANS BUSINESS !!! It's going to be a l-o-n-g hot evening …………. very, very HOT. But I love the garter belt, stockings& heels to stay on while we're driving each other crazy !!!

    That's my idea of unwrapping a gift !!!
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  12. MasseurNaturel

    MasseurNaturel Members

    As a nudist I find nudity normal rather than sexual, so a bit of dressing up sexy so I can enjoy removing it is a lot more fun. I have a fetish for a lady in high heels too and like it if they leave them on.
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  13. PGA

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    I prefer she wears lingerie, but she never do it.
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  14. Captain Scarlet

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    That's a shame .Lingerie empowers a woman and in many cases makes them feel good as well.
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  15. Scharff

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    I LOVE taking it off. Nothing sexier than clothes on the floor. BUT, they have to start with clothes on the body first.
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  16. Old70#PA

    Old70#PA Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    On? or Off?
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  17. Old70#PA

    Old70#PA Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

  18. Old70#PA

    Old70#PA Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

  19. My wife owns a couple of nighties and used to wear them but always got annoyed at me for wanting her to take them off right away. I just love her naked body. Being able to see and touch every inch of her is the hottest thing in the world.
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  20. Slacker Of Krypton

    Slacker Of Krypton Supporters HipForums Supporter

    I still have a soft spot for tap pants.

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