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    These lines are straight,

    cut into the fabric of time,
    the moss of the liquidated mind--
    measured and steely faced.

    But thought, irrational in
    void and memory,
    psychic optometry that
    refuses the linear constrain
    of space in the face of
    a world delegated by man--

    Oh! thought is broken circles!
    four dimensional fabric
    bubbling softly like a thick stew,
    crisping like flowering smiles
    unfurling and thousand and
    a thousand buds, petals
    singed by the hot violet oil
    swirled around and around
    in the mental pot of nourishment.

    Theories of relativity...they are
    drawn in arcing curves that crest
    like jagged mountains thrust techtonically
    into sharp, upward slopes,
    predicting percolating sacrelige
    in primary hues; forgotten blending,
    thought can never be expressed
    the stressed, mummified yawns
    of gridded gallops through
    tracks of woven rigidity.

    Even the line of gurgling laughter breaks,
    trips, and at last ceases to be,
    and there the birth of submergence lingers.
    But in the infinite reflection of reality
    all line is a mobius.
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    all straight lines,
    circle sometime

    ...its magical how life does that...
    experiencing the standing wave
    of time and space
    and our freefall orbit along
    delivering chills of awe
    as we slide along the black-deep-space velvet fabric
    that always yawns upon itself
    inverting and transposing
    this a 4th dimensional loop
    that lives inside experiential movements
    feel it in the breeze
    see it in the hills, cricks, and plants
    familiar unknown faces

    -from a transient portal
    in this land swiss cheesed at the mercy of mans hands

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