Discussion in 'Politics' started by scratcho, Jun 27, 2006.

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    Regarding limbaugh's latest drug problem---aren't we being a little too---uh---hard on rush?--------------------------------(bonergate-luvit)[​IMG]
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    Although Rush Limbaugh was found carrying Viagra while leaving one of the world's largest "pedophile playgrounds," there's still no certain evidence that Limbaugh was sodomizing young boys. He probably was. But there's no evidence. And there's something else to consider.

    Since Rush Limbaugh is a known political extremist, an enemy of our most basic constitutional rights, there could be other reasons he slipped out of the country. Maybe he was arranging assassinations of leading democrats. Maybe he was meeting with other people who also believe in terroristic methods. Who knows? Let's find out for sure.

    I say we ship his ass off to GITMO- and then on to our "friends" in the torture prisons in Saudi Arabia- to find out for sure. After all, it's a method that he personally approves of.
  3. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    But there's evidence Bush Sr. has been involved in sodomizing young boys. Or, at least attended parties where this sort of thing went on. The media has done a great job covering this up.

    Everyone needs to read The Franklin Coverup by former Nebraska Senator John DeCamp, or watch the video Conspiracy of Silence, which was pulled in 1994 from the Discovery Channel just HOURS before it was scheduled to be aired. The video is available on the internet, though. It exposes Bush Sr. and his cronies for the sickos they are

    Click HERE to watch the video. The video quality is quite poor, but the facts are conveyed clearly, nevertheless.

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