Lily’s Loose

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by psychobarbie, May 21, 2004.

  1. psychobarbie

    psychobarbie Member


    Lily is the operator at the switchboard of my brain.
    And when she starts reacting, my life becomes insane
    She is supposed to be employed by me and play a passive role
    But anytime i'm insecure Lily takes control.

    Lily’s loose! Lily’s Loose! Lily’s loose today,
    Tell everyone around me just to clear out of my way,
    The things I’ll say wont make much sense all commonsense is lost,
    Causes when lily’s at the switchboard, all wires get crossed.

    Lily is my own creation, thought I needed her with me,
    To organize and recall all my life’s history,
    But she started taking liberty with all my information,
    And whenever she starts plugging in, I get a bad sensation.

    Lily’s loose! Lily’s Loose! Lily’s loose today,
    Tell all my friends and relatives to clear out of my way,
    I don’t give hugs and kisses when I’m in this frame of mind,
    And please don’t take me seriously it would be a waste of time.

    She looks out through my eyeballs and see’s what I do see,
    Then hooks up wires to my past, she thinks she is helping me,
    When i’m in a good mood I can smile at her endeavor,
    But when i’m in a bad mood, Lily’s boss and is she clever!!

    Lily’s loose! Lily’s Loose! Lily’s loose today,
    Tell the world to hurry by and stay out of my way
    I’m feeling very scattered, lost in my emotion,
    Lily’s on a rampage and she’s causing a commotion.

  2. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    that's great, mate!
  3. psychobarbie

    psychobarbie Member

    when i came across that poem it gave me chills, finally i could relate to something fully.

    glad ya like mate


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