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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by HAzzAD, Feb 9, 2009.

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    Hi peoples,
    I had a dream two nights ago, and i am getting conflicting defenitions about it.
    My dream
    I was at what i thought was a party cause i remember coloured fairy lights every where, And i was in a house but i dont know who's.
    But the next thing i remember was very dark clouds comming over the house, like they just apeared there and then lighting striking the house i was in.
    Lighting hit many times and the sounds it made was super loud, deafing almost. I remember looking in the distance and lighting hitting something, and i started to get worried about my family. Then heavy rain started, and the lighting continued to strike the house i was in. I was telling the people around me to turn the fairy lights off cause i was scared that someone might get hurt for some strange reason. But the lighting, it was so loud, so bright, and it did wake me up from my sleep.
    Like i said i have read some defenitions about lighting and im a little confused to wich one best defines my dream.
    Can anyone help ??

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