Discussion in 'Poetry' started by hippyman, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. hippyman

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    Shunned by the world
    I walk alone
    With not even a friend
    To help me along
    I feel the pain of loneliness
    Burning inside of me
    With no place to go to
    And nowhere to be
    I've no one to talk to
    No way to set free
    In this little community
    Of small minded folk
    I've tried to fit in
    But they think I'm a joke
    To occupy time, I do trivial things
    Its all I can do, to keep myself sane
    I lurk in the shadows observing my race
    All of their true feelings
    Are disguised by their face
    Unlike other people, I live mainly at night
    For the truths inside people
    Are hidden by light​

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