Life as a butterfly...

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by ClamS, May 19, 2004.

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    Well.. This is my first poetry post.. I hope its up to quality! ( This is the first poem that I made whilst breaking away from rhyme..)

    Life as a butterfly
    Soaring in the wind,
    Quickly yet,​
    immovably still.
    Right past the judgements,
    Right past the prejudices,
    Past rascism,
    Past hate,
    Yet ​
    still too good for love.
    Landing on a branch,
    Standing still --
    moving at high speeds,
    Not thinking of you,
    Not thinking of him,
    Not thinking.

    I'm sitting here,
    Not thinking,
    No rascism,
    No hate,
    Yet still too good for love,
    Living life as a butterfly...
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    this is wonderful to read
    how the change from one thing to another in life
    can offer such beauty in oursleves

    i hope you fly high above the world and feel free
    to be yourself..

    love n peace from saff

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