Licking the B-hole

Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by Kansas_cty_shfl, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. How many girls do it? It's been a fantasy of mine for a while and I'm feeling like the chances of finding someone to fulfill it are pretty slim. I'm also kind of a hairy dude, think that would be a deal breaker?
  2. Yes, you must shave your asshole before she licks it. Extra points for her if she'll lick it even if it's dirty.
  3. bikimaholic

    bikimaholic Member

    My wife eats my ass but she wants it waxed first. I can understand because I don't like licking hair either.
  4. hornyjohn

    hornyjohn Member

    Ive had 1 girl lick mine a long long time ago. It was amazing. My wife will not do it. So it remains in my fantasies for now.
  5. You can always divorce her and look for an anal whore who will. Keep your options open, dude.
  6. maoy02

    maoy02 Member

    My wife licks and sucks my asshole frequently. When she does that, one of her hand is always stroking my cock. It's fantastic, but I often have to stop her or else I would cum before we get to fuck. I always try to save my cum for her mouth after I fucked her ass.

    She says sucking my ass feels so nasty that it gets her all hot and ready to fuck. She feels the same about ATM.

    I'm not very hairy, but there's definitely hair back there. She's never asked me to shave or wax.
  7. hornyjohn

    hornyjohn Member

    Wow. Respectfully, can you please loan your wife out? Ill give you mine in return. You will be able to enjoy lights-out missionary under the covers. ; )
  8. maoy02

    maoy02 Member

    No chance. Even if I want to, she's a woman with her own mind. However, we have talked about adding a 3rd person. I doubt we'll ever actually do it, but it's a great turn-on for her to suggest that "let's get another woman to lick your balls while you're fucking my ass..." or for me to tell her that "I'm gonna fuck your tight ass while you're deepthroating another guy's cock..."

    In any case, you may not believe it, but my wife was actually pretty uptight about sex until about 6-7 years ago when her sexual desire increased substantially over a 6-9 months period, and she became very adventurous to try different sex acts. Prior to that, she had almost never asked for sex and only performed it as a "wifely duty" when I insisted. Oral sex was an once a month treat, and I can count on one hand the number of times we had anal sex in 12 years of marriage. Since then, I have cum'd in her ass or mouth 4-5 times more frequently than in her pussy. She first tried ATM about 3 years ago. Now, she does it regularly, probably averaging twice a week. Me? I feel like I'm in heaven... :2thumbsup:

    I do have to say that our marriage is stronger than ever, and her increased sexual appetite is one of the main reason! :love:
  9. mted

    mted Member

    My girlfriend has really gotten into licking my asshole recently. She says she loves to make me moan and squirm like that. Of course I love to lick her sexy tight ass as well, and that's what we did initially before I asked her if she could try licking mine. Yesterday she rimmed me for a good 15 minutes while stroking my cock and then took my load all over her face and hair. I love how naughty she is.

    She is precisely one of those girls you would NEVER guess has such a wild side if you didn't know her in the bedroom. So there are girls out there that will do it, your duty is to make her comfortable enough to get her to unleash her true self with you, and make her really want to pleasure you. :D

    But you have to shave yourself - the ass hairs tend to capture undesirable flavours and it's much easier to clean a smooth and shaved ass, which is important. Not to mention that mostly nobody is going to want to devour a hairy bush. I know I don't.
  10. niceneasy

    niceneasy Member

    I had a GF who licked my ass once.
    I became so relaxed and loose I forgot to clench and farted.
    She never licked my ass again.
  11. kurona

    kurona Member

    imma bitch maybe... i just like receiving, but i dont like giving. i... might consider it with a girl though that im really physically into
  12. justwonderin

    justwonderin Member

    anal licking was always a fantasy...then I got together with the woman I always wanted, on her own, she began tonguing my ass,talk about amazing! bshe would insert her tongue, fuck me with her finger... that evaporated almost two years ago. The first time she ate me, I had hair, I have kept my ass shaven ever since. shaving is erotic, i get to look at every part of my body in the mirror...once we waxed each others butt holes...very erotic, i guess i'll just keep wishing...

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