Liam Titcomb

Discussion in 'Music' started by lucyinthesky, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. lucyinthesky

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    Has anyone heard of him? He's incredible. I've honestly never been so physically moved by an album. You have all got to get your hands on it. If not the whole album, then at least the songs My So Called Life, and War. I'm actually in shock right now at how amazing they are. My So Called Life is the ultimate nostalgic songs for us kids living in the 60''s chilling. CHILLING!!!! He's so talented...oh my...i'm going to go touch myself. Everyone check him out in the mean time.....amazing.......ah! no words to describe. AND he's only 17!!!
  2. TheLizardQueen

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    I think I've heard of him. Nice Canadian boy, cute too. My fave song is Sad Eyes.

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