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Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by wingmaam44, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. wingmaam44

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    I don't want to spam the forum, but I wanted to share this with an active lesbian group. I am working for Wing Ma'am, a LGBTQ Women's Social App. Our demo video is out today, so you can take a quick look at what the app will be like when it launches in November.

    We are collecting signups to show our forward thinking backers that the LGBT women's community is not only alive and thriving, but also completely worth it! Every signature goes a long way in setting precedent. It takes just 30 seconds to sign up and show your support:

    Please SIGN UP on the website and share with your networks. Help our little project get recognized, because sometimes even a Wing Ma’am needs a Wing Ma’am. And of course, if you have any questions or comments- let me know
  2. Great Idea!!! This is something I need!!!!!
  3. wingmaam44

    wingmaam44 Guest

    I hope you enjoy it! I believe this is something that our community has wanted for a while now.
  4. Beca012

    Beca012 Member

    Wiiieeee :D Awesome. I'm tired of being the only gay in the village.

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