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    I just emailed this now:

    I just surfed into the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards site. You know I was thinking, I think several things should definitely be a part of the requirements to be a cop in Michigan:

    • I once read that somewhere in the US they were considering letting people with borderline mental deficiency become police. I think that is a very bad idea. Police need to have the mental skills necessary to do a good investigation of each case. Innocent people might go to prison. I also think there should be a higher IQ requirement to be a cop.

    • I agree that people with serious mental illness shouldn't be allowed to be police. I once read (in a text book for people studying to be police) that the police department should not cite that as reason for denying them employment, mental illness. Because that may affect their ability to get other jobs. Instead just say it was a medical reason or handicap. I think that is a good idea. I also think this should be an official policy, law even.

    • I once talked to a police officer, and he didn't want to tell me his political views for some reason. That has happened more than once with police. I think it might be a policy. If it isn't, I think it should be made an official policy. Police officers should not discuss or reveal their political views to the public while on duty. It may make the public feel their being judged sometimes. Religious views, I don't know. That actually may help them relate to the community sometimes, sharing things like their religious and spiritual beliefs. But only if the public brings it up when they talk to a policeman. Otherwise, like the political one, I don't think a police officer should be allowed to bring it up.

    • Actually, I do think that the police should always be active in their communities, including things like church and charity events. If it is something like a church event, that would be the only other time a police officer should bring up the subject of religion. And pray, etc., there, if he or she wants to too.

    Anyways, I think these should be made policy now, if possible. I could also send his email to my representatives in Lansing. Or any committee in Lansing that handles law enforcement standards.

    Thank you for your help,

    [my name, etc....]

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