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    Dear George,

    You’d never paid me any attention, so I took my revenge.

    You were too strong in your believe. You thought your enemies were only men, but this very day you’ll see the lethal kiss of a jealous lady.

    You got paranoid. You armed men to fight men. And you didn’t even know where you sent them to.

    It feels comfortable to fight brave wars in far lands, doesn’t it, but here I come and I bring death.

    You’d always been thinking with your dick, haven’t you, George? Bigger weapons, smart bombs.

    You’d always needed a visible enemy to combat. Ladies like me are invisible to your eye.

    And while your countrymen were starving and begging for your help, you didn’t hear anything. You were obsessed with your maniac goal, to defeat a man you don’t understand.

    Now you’re fighting three wars – two abroad, one at home. Because you spent it all on arms, smart bombs, and other dick symbols, you’ve got no power to deliver basic aid to the people who once trusted you.

    But now I’m here, George, and don’t think I’m sending this letter just to humiliate you.

    We’re companions, my friend. I just send this letter to warn you.

    I’m on your side. I’m also sent here by Mother Earth to plot evil and destruction, just like you… except that you’re sent from your illusionary “God” instead… ofcourse...

    Your people will rebel, George. Send them some aid. Your parade in Louisiana was pathetic. Such an act will just make the rebellion stronger. Shaking hands with survivors, you little idiot – Jesus Christ…

    You’re fighting three wars now. One against poor people in Asia. One against poor people in the Middle East. And one against poor people in America.

    People ask why you fight the two former, and later people might ask why you fight the latter. I warn you, my companion of chaos: Prevent a revolution against your regime. Long live death and destruction.

    I’ll be with you.

    Yours sincerely,


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