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Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by Orsino, May 15, 2004.

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    Why... why, why, why, why, why, why, why. Why in the fuck are people so selfish, greedy, egotistical, uncaring.... Is the only person you really need, that one good friend, youself? Is it? And why do people get lonely?

    There are few people out there that aren't closed minded... argh... I can't describe it. Now, i'm not talking about political views, I mean closed minded overall on every god damned thing in existance or out of existance. People who think for themselves, people who won't listen to someone else, people who won't hold open a door for another, people who won't hold a door for their own damn self, people who don't care enough to pick up a piece of paper on the floor.

    But, maybe i'm just fucking tired of it. Maybe I don't want to be a part of it. Maybe. Just maybe. Maybe the president's life isn't worth a dime, maybe he isn't worth living... maybe AOL ought to go down like enron... maybe microsoft ought to as well. People are so fucked up. Nobody can see it. Nobody.

    Nobody cares.... nobody knows... hell, a lot of you can't see it and frankly I don't know why i'm typing this here. Maybe it doesn't belong here. Maybe in belongs in my "writings" folder on my desktop with all the other loads of bullshit and poetry and la da da da da.. whatever else is in there. I often ask myself if people really care. We all know the answer to that one. The answer is no. Do I really wish to be a part of this. Do I? I really don't know, and obviously, neither do you.

    Do I really want to help make a difference? The answer would be yes, but let's quit dreaming, it isn't possible.... we've dug the fucking hole ourselves, it's time to pull the trigger. We really don't know the shape we're in. NOBODY CAN FUCKING SEE IT!!! IT'S LIKE A FUCKING PURPLE ELEPHANT SITTING IN YOUR FRONT YARD!!! GOD DAMN IT!!! SNAP OUT OF IT PEOPLE!!!

    When Albert Einstein discovered the formula for the atomic bomb, he cried. He cried because he knew the world wasn't ready for it. And, I do believe the world wasn't ready. Much different from the world, it already existed on the world, the thing is, the people weren't ready. They still aren't. It's a fucking mind block. The whole thing... everything.

    We're all in this ship together, and if one brings it down, the rest go down too. We've dug the hole. We can either lie in it, or we can all pick up a shovel, and one scoop at a time, fill it back in. I do believe it's too late. But, why not try... it can't hurt. We have no power. None of us. But we can all be more kind and considerate, compassionate, we're already fortunate.

    If you want to leave, you can leave, but we're all here for some purpose, all here on the same boat. The only way to get off is to walk the plank. There's no easy ride and once the ship has left the dock, there's no turning back.

    You know we're (we as in the US, and the world as well) going down when the US is run by a dumbshit from texas who thinks he's the motherfucking king of the world, pharmaceutical companies (sp), CEOs and presidents, Wal-mart, Bill Gates, and the IRS... and do you want to know where republicans get their campaign funds from? How about wal-mart. Fact: 85 percent of the money for George Bush's ad campaigns came from Wal-Mart. Want to know why? The north american free trade allience. Want to know how to get him the fuck out? Try voting for john kerry. Yes, I know, you really would like Nader or Kucinich to win, but, would you like to make a comprimise?

    Let's all look at it this way, Dennis Kucinich isn't going to win, i'm sure you already know that, but, if we can get John Kerry in there, we'd be a step closer to what we want because he is the only person with the power to overcome George Bush. Same way with nader, he doesn't have the power either, Bush and Kerry both came from rich families, Dubya's father was a texas oil tycoon, Kerry is married to the heiress of the Heinz family fortune, they both went to vietnam, they both went to Yale. Both did drugs. John Kerry used to hang with Peter, Paul and Mary (seriously) and they would all puff the magic dragon (and yet again, seriously).

    But, if we want to do good in the world, we all have to hold hands and shift this son of a bitch one gear at a time, one RPM at a time, one step at a time... one heartbeat and life at a time, one brain cell and skin cell at a time down to one atomic particle at a time.

    I'm really shifting too politically, but i'm trying to bring your mind around here.

    All of you reading this, all of you omnivores out there. Can't you just try to be a little more compassionate and try to at least make a comprimise to quit eating red meat. Calves are taken away from their mothers at birth and they are slaughtered. Milk comes from female cows, therefore, they would have to be insemenated somehow, therefore what revolves around the milk industry, pet, marva maid... etc.. etc... is a bunch of bull semen going in a circle, mother cow gets impregnated, it's life, squeezed by the drop, then it has to go through a painful labor and once the calf is born, it is slaughtered and WHEE!!! process repeats and we allllllll have fun, don't we? - I think, therefore I am a vegan.

    We all need to make a change in this world, let's hold hands and take it one step at a time, let's use that concept of "teamwork" spawned for use in the conglomerate corporate monopoly world that they teach you through Physical Education for good use.

    And... I do remember, posting, quite some time ago, about the incident (this was months ago) of what happened to that five dollar bill that was left in the computer lab in my school. It was turned into the office (which I will assume my math teacher didn't keep it for himself and that he really did turn it in to the school office), let's say nobody claimed it. Where the hell did that 5 dollar bill go? I sure as hell hope that the superintendent of the school board of Gloucester County, Virginia didn't get it.

    Would you like to know something interesting?

    Division Name: Gloucester County Public Schools
    Superintendent: Dr. Howard Benjamin Kiser
    Phone Number: (804) 693-5300 Fax Number: (804) 693-1426
    Mailing Address: 6489 Main Street
    Building Two - Suite B
    Gloucester, VA 23061

    See that right there? That's Dr.Kiser;s office my county school division's superintendent. That man has I think, a $70,000 budget for his office. His fucking office!!! The building can't be but 3,000 or so square feet. Would you like to know something else? I sit in one of those desks, you know, the kind with the attached top that many of you sit in, the kind with the baskets attached to the bottom of the seat. The backs are breaking off of the desks. The metal arm supporting the backs of the seat are breaking off, and in about two or three of the classes I go to daily, the baskets are coming off of the seat. Yet, Dr.Kiser is sitting in his office with his furniture... and hear me on this, the furniture in the house i'm sitting in doesn't cost that much. I'm sure a lot of you are in the same situation. The state of Virginia ranks... 12 or so out of the richest states in the united states. Yet, somehow, our education ranks ten numbers or so behind the rank of the average person's income. Now, if we have that much money, why isn't the school system just as high? Tell me why? Well, we already know the answer to that one. Because of people like Dr. Howard Benjamin Kiser... and, the previous superintendent, Larry Hoover.

    George Bush and the No Child Left Behind act... that is impacting everyone that is currently in public schooling. If the fucker had any sense in his mind, he would know that no child can be at the same level as the next. It's just like U.S. production and hand made things versus factory produced, if it was all hand made, quality would be different, if we didn't have the no child left behind act, all children would be at a different level in education... this would make it a bit harder on teachers - or so you would think, but most of the teachers at my school feel a bit pressured by this mass produced education thing. Just like the virginia "standard of learning (SOL) tests" I will be taking next Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. No person reads at the same level as the next, so it's sort of... I don't know, kind of a useless act if you think about it.

    well.. frankly, this is getting pretty long, but I have expressed a tidbit of my views, opinions, and have used my freedom of speech to express them. If you haven't already, watch the movie Bowling For Columbine, no, the movie didn't trigger this thread, but I do think that is a good documentary on america and the views of canada and such and such... guns... etc...

    Oh, and on guns, I feel most americans are fairly childish, just like ol' Charlton Heston and his damn dirty apes we know as the National Rifle ASSociation. I think Canada has a bit more self control, therefore, i'd feel safer living there. Hardly anyone locks their doors... yet, hardly anyone ever gets killed. When was the last time you heard of a murder up there (to any canadians in here). Fucking gun nuts.

    ~ George
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    Damn, man, too much info, you need to break all that up, multiple threads.
    a.d.d. baby, I'll watch tv while you do that.
  3. Orsino

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    no a.d.d here.. I was just really pissed off when I wrote that.
  4. Okay. First of all, I dont need YOU to "bring me around" or "make me see" anything.

    Second, I know how you feel. Yes, I do. I remember it well, because I loved in that hopeless miserable stage for most of my life. Im starting to see things differently. I actually have hope.

    And third, last weekend I realized something. My friend and I were driving down the road and I was all hyper and happy because we were going camping. I then got real quiet. She asked me what was wrong, and I said nuthin', and then she asked me what I was thinking about. THAT WAS IT! I was THINKING. I could never understand why I would get into depressed states for no apparent reason, but it was because I was living in my head and highly over-complicating things.

    I hope you can try to see it differently.

    Feel better brother!
  5. Orsino

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    what the fuck. I am not depressed. And if you are already brought around, then kudos to you, a lot of other people need to view it. I AM MENTALLY STABLE DAMN IT!
  6. Orsino

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    I just took a personality disorder quiz. :(
  7. thepixies

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    err yeh george of course you're sane, now just put the belt sander down. easy now there we go
  8. thepixies

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    hey what is that webby ebby site
  9. Orsino

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  10. Woa woa, calm down. I aint saying your depressed. Nor am I saying you are mentally unstable. Quite the contrary. You are just trying to find the answers. Try not to take it too far.

    And something else Ive learned, noone learns from what I say because I said it. You play a very small role.
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  12. Orsino

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    I knowwwwwwwwww that. But I am saying, some people need to wake up, and sometimes I really need to write things down, so it helps me, and if I can post a few thoughts and it helps me, maybe others ought to face the facts.
  13. thepixies

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    ooop am i really going to die early?
  14. below utopia

    below utopia Baby did a bad thing

    i miss this george.
  15. below utopia

    below utopia Baby did a bad thing

  16. he used to be so angry and politicized..... I'd ask what happened but I have suspicions..... I 'll never become jaded.... just angrier....
  17. below utopia

    below utopia Baby did a bad thing

    ahhhhhh nooooo.
    if i knew this was going to bring up my old crappy pictures in his gallery, i wouldnt have posted :(
  18. <img src="http://images.quizilla.com/1033888926_ffschizoid.jpg" border="0" alt="HASH(0x89889f0)"><br>schizoid
    <br><br><a href="http://quizilla.com/users/rosiekins/quizzes/Which%20Personality%20Disorder%20Do%20You%20Have%3F/"> <font size="-1">Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?</font></a><BR> <font size="-3">brought to you by <a href="http://quizilla.com">Quizilla</a></font>
  19. wish I remembered how to do that right..... schizoid anywat
  20. below utopia

    below utopia Baby did a bad thing

    omg :D thats great...
    look at the comment someone left george on one of my pictures :rolleyes:

    Tue May 25, 2004 5:33pm

    well whoever it is, she has the most beautiful legs I think I've ever seen. Her beauty shines through this fuzzy pixelated image.

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