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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Lilyrayne, May 13, 2004.

  1. Lilyrayne

    Lilyrayne Chrisppie

    With all this talk of gas prices, it made me start wondering about other people and their cars.

    What kind of cars do you own and/or drive? What do you think of them? Pros and cons?

    What kind of cars have you owned in the past? What did you think of them? Why do you not have them anymore?

    What kind of realistic car would you like to have and what kind of dream car would you like to have?

    We currently own a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am (what I drive), a 1986 Crown Victoria (what hubby drives), and a 1991 Mercury Cougar (my 16th birthday present)

    I love my Grand Am. It's red, and other than it seeming like this is what every body else has, it's a great car, good mileage, runs good, not very many problems. The fact that it's fairly new doesn't hurt anything.

    The Crown Victoria is old and shows it's age. It's white and rusting, and it looks like crap. But it runs excellent! It has over 120 thousand miles on it and it still runs very smooth and doesn't give us very many problems. My husband hates it though, because it's so huge, a gas guzzler, and it looks trashy!

    The Mercury Cougar was my 16th birthday present, and it was pretty good, but gave me a few problems over the years. Before I got the Grand Am, it was dying on me about once a week or more, in the middle of intersections or on busy streets, and sometimes it wouldn't start back up. I've had to have some expensive repairs done on it, the same repairs my mom had to do on HER cougar when she had it. It's a nice car, and the mileage was ok, but I wouldn't reccomend it on account of all the repairs I had to deal with. My mom has a Pontiac Grand Prix. It's older than my Grand Am, but it runs just about as good. So far we are having good luck with Pontiacs.

    My husband used to drive a 1986 Pontiac, forgot the model, but it was a really good running car too, although had a few problems. We sold it when we inherited the Crown Vic, because the Crown Vic was in better running condition.

    My realistic want car: I'm pretty happy with my Grand Am. I do wish we had something like another Grand Am or something similiar for my hubby though.

    My dream car: A Navigator, Escalade, VW Beetle (old or new!), or a Mini Cooper.
  2. i have a dirty maroon ford explorer
  3. mariecstasy

    mariecstasy Enchanted

    holy moly bree.......you ask a lot of questions:)

    i have a 96 cavalier. it gets me around. cars are something that i could absolutely care less about.
    my dream vehicle would be a vw bus with popup!
  4. I have an Audi 80 from the year 1991.
    Not much of a statussymbol but it takes me where I want and/or need to go.
    That is the function of a car and I dislike all those people who brag about how fast or pretty their car is.
  5. scarlettchasingroses

    scarlettchasingroses strawberry tart

    1996 dodge neon....it works and has never done me too wrong, never stranded me....gets great gas mileage.....

    this thread makes me think of the phish song "contact"....

    The tires are the things on your car that make contact with the road
    The car is the thing on the road that takes you back to your abode

    The tires are the things on your car that make contact with the road
    Bummed is what you are when you go out to your car and it's been towed

    I woke up one morning in November and I realized I love you
    It's not your headlights in front, your tailpipe, or the skylight above you
    It's the way you cling to the road when the wind tries to shove you
    I'd never go riding away and come back home without you
  6. Lilyrayne

    Lilyrayne Chrisppie

    lol marieecstasy, I was bored.
  7. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    mine are attatched to the bottem of my feet. the ten bux i'd otherwise be sending to skip (and elfwood and side-7 and community radio kvmr) is all i have for bus fare and i don't see even that every month. which is one of the reasons i spend so much time indoors on the net. the kind of car i'd rather be riding then wearing out my shoe leather (and the seat of my pants setting here, ok i'm not wearing any to keep from wearing them out too quickly, but if i were) would be some kind of little people sized train that runs on a guideway, down the middle of park strips that used to be streets before the oil ran out (i'm talking future eco-hope-dream-fantasy-whateveryouwanttocallit) that doesn't charge a fare because everyone worked on it and keeps it running instead and monetary economics died when the oil ran out and people in the cities started dieing becuase the refrigerators stopped running and the refrigerated trucks did too because they kept on depending on oil instead of encouraging the development and adoptation of alternatives to it.

    ok - so that doesn't HAVE to be what will happen - but at some point the car as we know and take it for granted, WILL become just as obsolete as most people think of most of the predicessors to it being now.
    i wish i was living in a time of seeing that
    with fewer human people and more little furry people with big sharp teeth instead
    i'm no longer fully expecting to still be arround to see it. 30 years ago i was kind of 2/3 hoping we'd be there by now. but however long it actualy does take, a matter of time is all it is.
    well i'm pretty sure i'm good for another 20 or 30 years unless we all get to starving and having to eat each other before then. or who knows what other wierdness some politician or fanatical idiologue will come up with.
  8. FunkyPhreshMama

    FunkyPhreshMama Visitor

    right now mine is in the shop having a new everything put on it,i messed it up pretty bad in a wreck. anywhoo it is a old ass Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback, kinda looks like a small tank. BLEH I hate it but it gets me around town and out of twon if needed. I also have a Mazda Mx3 which has no breaks and my tags are blocked since i was too lazy to pay my taxes on it so I cant drive it. It doesnt stop at all any more anyways HAHA.

    The car i miss is my Pontiac Sunbird convertible I got when I turned 16, it only went about 40 mph all the time but atleast the top went down, it was red and i had a system in it HAHA I had a system, that sounds funny coming from my mouth, anywhoo sometimes when i went over railroad tracks the windshield wipers wold come on...............................
  9. mariecstasy

    mariecstasy Enchanted

    the one that i miss the most is the 1969 chavelle. that was a bad ass car and woowee did you get some male admirers driving that thing around
  10. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    I have a 1989 Toyota Corollla and it gets 40 mpg and I love it. Here is a picture:
  11. Odessa

    Odessa Member

    i have a 93 saturn and it is the best fucking car on gas and very much reliable.
    I put about 50,000 miles on it in less than a year and the only thing that went wrong was the alternator.
    too much driving.
    now i wouldn't be able to afford gas and car insurance at the same time.
  12. Looks like you are about to hit that signpost. Besides that you are driving the wrong way on a one-way road.
  13. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    Yeah, I'm not so good at driving. Here is another example:
  14. Did someone follow you to take photographs of your driving skills?
  15. Lilyrayne

    Lilyrayne Chrisppie

    Well, while we are posting pictures of our cars, here's another one of a car I had that I forgot about. ;) hehehe! :p :D

    This car uses absolutely NO gas, it looks really cool, I can fit it anywhere, but the downside is I can't actually DRIVE it anywhere.
  16. beachbum7

    beachbum7 Lookin' for any fun

    Actually, I don't have a car, and I've never had my own car. Back home, I never had enough money to buy a car, and here I don't need one (and even if I wanted one, I couldn't afford one and I don't have the necessary driver's license). But I hope to get a car when I go back home.
  17. -peaceman69-

    -peaceman69- Member

    When I’m 16 I’m getting a gold-green 1968 Chevy impala hardtop 2 door with a 200 hp 307 and only 62,000 miles on it. It probably gets about 10-20 MPG (oh shit how the hell am I going to pay for that!)

    I guess it’s not that bad because it has a PCV to help reduce admissions.

    It needs some work to get it on the road but it will be done soon if money is not to bad. Right now Leslie and I are working on the brakes.

    This is not my 68 impala but it is a 68 impala so you can see what they look like.
  18. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    Nice car Bree, very cute, too bad it isn't bigger ;)

    Well Bird, I have those pictures because me and my friend were going around town and breaking all the traffic laws that we could and taking pictures of us doing it. She is driving in the one way picture and I am driving in the U-turn one. We also parked in handicap parking and pretending like we were a bus and other various dumb things.
  19. I have a 97 kia sophia... i hate it. there's always something wrong with it. it has low miles and runs well UNTIL something happens (which it always does)....

    in the past i've had two old dodge shadows and a 98 nissan sentra (which i totalled).

    i wish i didnt have to have a car....
  20. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    right now i dont have a car. my first car was a 76 VW westfalia bus, my last car was a 66 VW westfalia bus. the first one got about 22 MPG and the last got about 35MPG. in between those ive had a 69 bus, a 73 bus, a 89 honda, a 81 VW rabbit, an 82 VW quantum, an 86 VW jetta and a 72 VW super beetle.

    id like to get a honda next or a dodge van, my dream car is a brand new dodge diesel 4X4 pickup, or an old 50's school bus.

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