Let's keep track in chronological order. (1984's eastasia vs eurasia)

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by We_All_Shine_On, May 13, 2004.

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    Alright, does anyone know the specific order of the opponent in this war? first it was osama, right then al queda, then the 'axis of evil' or something? now it's iraq, what's next?
    does anyone wanna make like a time line? got any info?
    I want to look back on this and see how the main enemy changes
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    I've lost track- and that's exactly what they're counting on. Overwhelm us with so much bullshit that we can't even sift through it. Just like the Bush approach to secrecy: keep everything secret and keep us busy fighting for information. For instance, the first 911 report was censored- in the very section that stated who all was behind the attack (congresscritters who saw the censored section said it pointed to the Saudi Royal Family, who are officially our "friends."

    We've switched sides I think three times so far in the Iraq War, unless I've lost count again, and that's not even counting the flip-flopping with the Kurds, whose political groups are officially listed as terrorist groups. You'll recall that during the advance on Baghdad, "the enemy" was "hardcore Baathists and Republican Guard." Then after Baghdad fell, we put the Baathists/RG people in charge, including Saddam's secret police. Then that move was criticized, they were all fired, they were angry, and we went back on the offensive against them. Now we're putting them in charge of the country again, and helping them fight anti-Baath "insurgents."

    I am truly astonished that anyone supports Bush. Pro-war people should be equally outraged.

    Orwell was an optimist.
  3. LickHERish

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    There are actually two timelines, that which one can glean from the surface of matters as shown by the corporate media and the timeline which actually begins in the planning rooms of the DoD under this current cabal in their earlier incarnation under Bush Sr.

    The plans for Afghanistan and Iraq were drafted in keeping with economic and geo-political goals in mind, entirely without relation to any attack on the US. These plans lay dormant for the entirety of the Clinton administration and were brought forth with the resumption of office by the Bush dynasty.

    An act was needed and a handy relatively recognisable target blamed for the act, [Enter Bin Laden]. Now our intelligence shows that Bora Bora had been a known stomping ground for some of Bin Laden's followers so no sooner had the dust settled than Afghanistan was proclaimed to have been directly involved as it has allowed Bin Laden entry and refused to surrender him.

    [note: am I glad the Taliban are gone, sure but that is non-sequitor to the means used to do so and the real intent behind those means].

    The invasion is launched and Kabul falls relatively quickly. With that done, Karzai can be heralded as the new face of Afghani liberation by our media, yet nowehere else but Kabul is there any change to the life of the people. The media however fails to expose this fact but instead represents this tiny island of US imposed rule as the shiney new status quo to an otherwise naive and non-scrutinising public. PR a success overall.

    Now that that PR coup has been successfully achieved, time says Wolfowitz to go after the real gem and settle our old scores. [Enter Saddam].

    Thus the real, but not broadcast, timeline runs like this:

    1991-1992 Plans adopted for the PNAC and its goal of total US backed hegemony over middle eastern resources as a leverage to advance both US/Israeli interests over all surrounding Arab (or Persian) states.
    1992- plans shelved with the defeat of Bush Sr.

    2001 - January - Upon taking office Dubyah orders all investigations currently being conducted by the FBI against Bin Ladens resident in the US to be halted. No media revelations.

    2001 - August - Bush's approval ratings have steadily sunk to the mid to upper 40% range which is presenting a severe challenge to the aggressive agenda awaiting rollout. An event is needed. Those whose renewed political supremacy depend on Dubyah's public support take a documented precedent in public sentiment management (see Project Northwoods) and modernise it in keeping with events still relatively fresh in the public's memory (WTC bombing I). The day comes, those fighter squadrons which are on duty along the flight path are told initially to "stand down" (only later told to intercept once the window of opportunity to shoot the airliners down has passed).

    9/11/2001 - a day which shall also live in infamy.

    9/12/2001 - The PNAC perpetual war plans hit the war room table.

    The rest is current history.
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    I knew I should have looked at internet conspiracy sites for the real TRUTH.
  5. We_All_Shine_On

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    Im sorta glad it's not my govt. I feel bad that anyone gets lied to liek this though, like everyone's govt does it. I dont see it as much in some places.. our PM doesn't really talk about stuff as much as bush
  6. Chongo Blanco

    Chongo Blanco Banned

    You're hotter than Bjork.

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