Let's Get Arrested

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Major Peacenik, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. Oh, I want you I want you I want you
    To lift up the hem of my dress
    And like what you see
    I want you to take advantage of me
    Be bold, be bad, be my lover-man

    Come and take me away
    Take me where I stand
    Lay me down and steal my innocence
    I'd trade it for an ounce of you
    No one wants you like I do

    It doesn't matter that I'm
    and you're
    I'm growing up for you
  2. 15..42..? thats nasty. date someone your own age without back hair! NASTY!! and its probably just a crush though.. damn them hormones.
  3. ::sigh:: it is a crush... but a mighty powerful one :D:X:rolleyes::(
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