Let Me Be

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Emo*to*heart, Jan 18, 2005.

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    Okay before you stick me with your harsh comments, or whatnot about this poem. It does have meaning, just not this moment. This poem is an emotion of mine, that I express periodically.
    I want your opinions, harsh, ignorant, brutal, opinions I must have lol. ;) I love to know what people think about what I write? So however you think about this, if you have gone threw the same kind of pain, or can relate. Anything.

    My feet are covered with yellow peddles among a stretch of green hills. Bound to be a part of a lush thriving landscape. Over the ridges and peeks and deep within a living forest is a cabin that stands alone. I am not far from the length of my life to reaching my destination. Reaching the cabin, and letting go of my life long soul. On which the cabin will no longer stand alone.

    My destination is to a point of ending, and I open the rusty hinges of the old oak cabin door. As I step in to a darkness I will make my own. In good faith to the spirits below.

    I lay my path of destiny among the dusty table before me. In all sense my sanity has left from the beatings and hardships of my lengthy life of feeling the Lords wrath. Yet part of me needs to swallow the concept of my daring decision I can't regret to make.

    Just below me, my eye's don't deceive me. There lay my point of completion. A rope, yet to see fit to use, and my switch blade in which my body shall no longer be used. My body and blood will soak into the floorboards of the cabin in good years. My soul will linger the woods in freedom, and in depth with natures splendour. Let me be, freedom is my need. I shall........ be free.

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    i know you want a harsh comment but i have to be honest I really like it. Theres feeling to it and its mysterious.

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