Lesson #3: Not Recommended for Human Consumption!

Discussion in 'You Are What You Eat!' started by skip, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. my question was genuine and not intended to be taken as an attack.
  2. honeyhannah

    honeyhannah herbuhslovuh

    Well, perhaps as a species we are omnivores in general, but that does not mean we were made to be omnivores. If that were the case, wouldn't we be able to eat meat like other animals do, by tearing into their flesh, with our teeth, raw, we would be able to hunt like other meat eating animals do, with our bodies, not weapons. If you seach the American Cancer Society website you will see that cooked meat is loaded with toxins and carcinogens that cause cancer. That is answer enough for me that we are not meant to consume that. Also there are charts that compare the characteristics of omnivores, herbivores and humans and we have overwhelmingly high similarities to herbivores, not omnivores.

    As for the oil, I just wanted to say that olive oil becomes rancid very easily, and canola oil even moreso. Olive oil is best in a dark container and used raw, as a dressing, etc. The best heat resistant oils are coconut oil and grapeseed oil. Also you can make a makeshift butter by putting olive oil and sea salt into ice cube trays and freezing it.
  3. BeOna

    BeOna Member

    There was a time when humans were nomads, hunters and gatherers. Then came the agricultural revolution, which in my opinion was one of the first downfalls of mankind. We stopped following the land. We began setting up civilizations and lost our hunting and foraging instincts. Individual families no longer had to be responsible for their own survival. If you've ever driven from San Fran to LA there is a spot where the land becomes black because as far as you can see there are cows upon cows packed together waiting to die so we can eat burgers and steaks. or have you ever seen the feathers flying from one of those trucks on the interstate filled with chickens who've never even had the chance to spread thier wings. some of these animals are even farmed indoors and never see the light of day. this is not natural. i cant imagine it to be healthy. i could go on forever but i will end with a big FUCK THE FDA!
  4. Bilby

    Bilby Freerangertarian Staff Member Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator

    I am not so sure about that. One researcher to dispute the idea is Dr Michael Alderman, Professor of Medicine and Population Health Albert Einstein College of Medicine New York, USA.


    While I would agree it is not particularly nutritious, according this researcher high fructose corn syrup is far worse and responsible for the rise in global obesity.

    Ok it is not the most healthy food but I am not so sure buying wholemeal flour is such a good idea either.The problem is that once wheat is ground up, the wheat germ oil starts to go rancid.If you have your own wheat mill and can grind it up to make your own bread then great, but otherwise I would rather eat a nice bit of French baguette or crusty Italian bread with a generous dollop of butter.
    You mean conjuncted trans fat? My research shows that conjuncted trans fat is naturally occurring and not unhealthy and may in fact be a healthy.

    I thought that dietary cholesterol has no bearing on a person's blood cholesterol levels.Talking of which in the doctor's surgery the other day I asked the doctor is having a higher blood cholesterol level being associated with heart problems, the cause or effect? He said he did not know.
    I agree that factory farming is revolting so what about free range animal based food?

    I thought she has revised opinions on the contents of this book. The publishers keep printing it because it sells.

    For some time I have thought that big food processing conglomerates that make huge amounts of money by convincing large numbers of people that processed food is good for them and traditional food is not, with all the money the company directors make will indubitably go out to eat at upmarket restaurants that serve traditional foods.
  5. flytothe_sky

    flytothe_sky Member

    I eat a lot of pasta that isn't whole grain, & I checked the ingredients and it said that it was made with durum flour. Does anyone know what that is?

    As for other stuff, I could substitute white eggs for organic eggs. I'm trying to cut back on how much butter I use. Eventually I'd like to try that Earth Balance stuff if I can find it around here. And sea salt is always tasty, I could get that instead of iodized salt. The problem is, I'm still living at home & my dad won't budge on the food products he gets. He usually just buys the cheapest things he can find.

    With my mom it's a little better though. She uses sea salt and we make lots of good veggies & other healthy foods together :) along with using whole grain tortillas. Those are so delicious, I actually prefer them to white tortillas.
  6. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    I'm sorry Bilby but Dr. Mercola is NOT an UNBIASED SOURCE!

    He sells MEAT on his website, so NOTHING he says is acceptable in these classes, got it?

    Please pick sources that aren't trying to sell us something...

    Also I have found the ABC (Australia Broadcasting Company) to be a propaganda arm of the Australian Food Industry as well as their other monopolistic industries.

    It's all corporate propaganda. They're trying to sell us too.
  7. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    Unfortunately there's MORE to the story, which I didn't feel the need to expound upon, but now I will.

    Dr. Mercola has posted bogus shit on his website, that others have quoted here, in many cases he is the ONLY SOURCE for the info he claims. So I have every right to discredit his bullshit website and I am in a good position as webmaster here to know when someone is full of it.

    I have seen people post numerous references to bogus information that always goes back to Dr. Mercola. I'm sure if I did a little more digging I'd find more questionable info there, but rather than have ALL OF US waste our time with his B.S. (yes there's some real facts there too), you are being CLUED in about it in advance. If you prefer to remain clueless or defend his B.S., you don't need to participate here.

    From now on I guess I'll just ban anymore references to his site as spam, as that is what it has become. He is a COMMERCIAL site pushing meat products, why do we need commercials here?

    Are you here to learn or post corporate propaganda and spam?

    That's another lesson some people need to learn - question your sources!
  8. trekker

    trekker Intrepid Traveler

    I like to snack on raw carrots when I have them. I like to eat oats because of the fiber, but I like the flavored oat packets. How much worse is it to eat that than whole oats cooked. The price of organic foods and healthy vegies by me is very restrictive. I need variety in what I eat. When your on a budget sometime Chef Boy R D is a viable option unfortunately. I try not to overeat, but sometimes the cravings are too strong. Fasting sometimes is a good thing though.
  9. hippiestead

    hippiestead Ms.Cinnamon

    But what about high fruitose corn syrup...chemically modified sugar substitute? This stuff almost killed me, I consider it to be worse than white sugar.
  10. Lady of the Freaks

    Lady of the Freaks Senior Member

    my co-op recently removed everything with corn syrup as an ingredient from the shelves.
  11. Meifeng488

    Meifeng488 Member

    I don't like eating factory meats, but I will eat game because it's more fresh and, I believe, more edible.
    Since i rarely eat game meats (actualy only once...) i eats mostly fruits nuts and vegies!!!:hat:
    I will never stop eating dairy products
    Anyone ever thought of using beer instead of butter lol :cheers2:??
    oh yes and also I NEVER cook with white sugar or salt; stuff will kill you however fries and chips I am addicted to and my mom wont ever stop using the stuff....WHY!:eek:
    also brown sugar (refined white sugar) is worse to eat
    raw sugar which is also brown but with little to no additives is healthier:piggy:
  12. Bilby

    Bilby Freerangertarian Staff Member Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator

    I have only been getting the Mercola newsletter for a relatively short period of time. I
    was aware of a commercial aspect to his website but I was not aware that he sells meat on his website until you mentioned it. What he generally promotes on newsletters is coconut oil, krill oil and enamelled saucepans. You can buy coconut oil at Asian grocery stores. I prefer to get my long chain omega 3’s from oily fish and I already have saucepans .One thing is for sure, he is no friend of the pharmaceutical companies. I would have thought you would have equal contempt for pharmaceutical companies as would most regular posters on Hipforums.

    Absolutely! I have frequently asked posters on HF and other people else where for scientific verification for claims they were making.

    . I find some of Dr Mercola’s statements questionable but the same can be said of many other sources.

  13. You know, I was really enjoying this until the battle started. The sad prt is that no one really seems to be in the right. Even I am about to enter the fray out of frustration.

    Bilby, did you really have to counter nearly every claim that Skip made at once? This is his(her?) class, after all. If you're so passionate and knowledgable, perhaps you could gather more sources (All sides must be represented for academic balance.) and show us your logic and research in another Free Class? Or maybe discuss the matter with Skip in a personal message or a thread in the cooking forums? I do congratulate you for your cool(ish) head in this, but it is very distracting.

    IdentityCrisis, as much as I admire your devotion to freedom, it is not the topic of this thread. Food is. There is a difference between freedom of speech and disruption. The personal message route is available to you, as well.

    Skip, while I admit that you seem to know more about the topic than I do, and I am very interested in learning more about a healty diet, I notice that while you tell your students to check their sources you do not post yours. Are you a dietician? Do you have any source other than "Diet for a Small Planet?" For all we know, you could be the owner of an evil vegetable company who seeks to discredit all mainstream food dealers to boost his(her?) own sales. Insert tongue in cheek here, of course. I mean to say that we, as students, must take all of our sources, including you and Mr. Mercola, with a grain of salt.

    As for unbiased sources, I don't think that there is such a thing. One must look at all arguments and decide for oneself, or what use are our logic skills? For myself, I have never heard of this Mercola person. If someone could post a link, perhaps we could all look at his site and discuss (in another thread, of course) what we think of his legitimacy. As an educator and a hippie, I am sure that you understand the need for independent reasoning.

    However this is resolved, could it be done elsewhere so we can continue with the discussion on food?

    I am a beginning lacto-ovo-vegetarian, trading my old WalMart bags (Don't go there. ;)) to a local free-range chicken farmer for organic eggs. He's not "certified," or anything like that, but he raises them for the love of chickens rather than for money. He can't afford dangerous chemicals for his chickens, I know that. I still drink the usual milk and eat the usual dairy products, but the switch from meat was a large step for me that seems to have cured my lactose-intolerance. I don't know how it happened, but after twelve years of no dairy I am not willing to give that up.

    What would be a good next step for me, diet-wise? I managed to cut caffeine to negligible amounts (My husband insists every month that chocolate must stay in my diet.) until finals week, when working the night shift full-time made caffeine a necessity. That will have to stay until after I graduate. . . or conceive, whichever comes first. I suspect that many cases of depression, including my own, may be related to pre-natal caffeine addiction, but I do not know how to test this. Bleached flour may also be impractical for now, as I am considering his tastes as well as mine.

    Perhaps sugar and corn syrup could be reduced? I went Veg to avoid a genetic predisposition for type 2 diabetes and lose weight, so perhaps that would be a good idea. I need a little more salt than usual, as I tend towards low blood pressure, but I do not know how much I need to eat. I probably eat too much. Turning my soda consumption into green tea could drastically reduce sugar and salt (There's a lot of sodium in sodas. Hence the term "soda.") while helping my weight and not affecting my caffeine level too badly. Would this be advisable?
  14. WorldLove

    WorldLove Member

    Eden Soy's original soymilk is sweetened lightly with SEAWEED! Delicious....organic, local as possible...I love it. About a dollar more expensive here in Canada than the other organic brands, but whatever.
  15. WorldLove- Really??? Eden Soy is one of my favorite brands! That and West Soy, I think Silk isn't good...I'm trying to switch to making my own milks though :)

    Man, I didn't even think seaweed was all that sweet...than again, I guess beets aren't either (beetsugar)
  16. snowtiggernd

    snowtiggernd Member

    I don't eat butter, margrine, sourcream, mayonnesse or anything creamy...uuggg..But I do likes my pepper shaker. Got to get my food well covered..I dont use any sugar either. I drink soymilk that I get at sams club. I can get 3 2qt cartons for like 7.90. They are like close to 4 a carton at the grocery store.
  17. Logan 5

    Logan 5 Confessed gynephile

    Say what you want about Mercola, but I listened to a few of his speeches about some of the prescription drugs I was on, I got off of them and following what I learned from his speeches made my health & life better. Those drugs were awful.
  18. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    Here's a few more things to consider about Mercola...

    1. You don't go to a meat monger for vegetarian advice.
    2. Real doctors don't have websites that push products for sale (it's unethical if not illegal)
    3. Telling people not to eat soy (a meat substitute) and then selling meat isn't a conflict of interest, is it?
    4. A commercial website is NOT the place where valid peer-reviewed scientific studies are usually posted.
    5. Anyone else coming in here and plugging a COMMERCIAL SITE, in this school is subject to immediate banning as a spammer.
  19. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    Oh gee, I could give a similar speech. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that many prescription drugs are bad for you (you just have to read the disclaimers).

    If Mercola is so hot, where are HIS STUDIES done at university level, peer reviewed? If he ain't got none, all he has is recycled b.s. to sell you.

    Here, I looked up to find at least ONE STUDY that Dr. Mercola himself was involved with (there isn't any).

    Instead I find this about how Mercola is a "snake oil salesman".


    Ah and further investigation finds that what I said above is true, HE IS ENGAGED IN ILLEGAL ACTIVITY...

    The FDA has ordered Dr. Mercola to stop making illegal claims...

    Now quit wasting our time and pushing this disinformation from an unreliable commercial source. If I see him mentioned again, bans will ensue.
  20. raven_star

    raven_star Member

    Q. I have heard that a lot of rapeseed/canola oil is GMO and the process by witch it is made
    is also bad (chemical extraction) any info?

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