Lesson #1 Water, the Essence of Life!

Discussion in 'You Are What You Eat!' started by skip, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Delfynasa

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    Our water is from a well. When it was tested it was one of the purest samples they had seen, but that has been awhile. A few years ago in the summer the water sometimes smelled like spoiled garlic but that has stopped(I think it was whatever the neighbors were spraying on their field next to the house)
    I do need to drink more water though. It is a bad habit I have sometimes drinking hardly any water-only a glass or two during the day. I have improved on this but not enough.
    Got a question-are any of the re-usable plastic water bottles okay?
  2. BornHippy

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    Iv read many times you SHOUDLNT drink while eating meals, including in a raw diet book. It says drink awhile before or wait at least hr after. 'However, drinking beverages with your meals can do more harm than good. If you’re slowing down the digestive process because there is too much liquid in the stomach, you could experience bloating and indigestion.' I love water and drink it alot but am being more carful not to drink around dinner. 'Guzzling down on water or other beverages during your meal can interfere with the digestive process because it increases the size of your stomach. When there is too much liquid and food settling in your stomach, digestion can slow down. Some experts suggest that drinking water also dilutes the gastric acid that your stomach
    produces. Low gastric acid leads to incomplete digestion, and the extra liquid can also cause the fats and oils in the food to cling together which further prevents absorption.

    Experts say that, in general, four to eight ounces of water is permissible during each meal. However, if you’re suffering from acid reflux disease
    or severe indigestion, you may need to scale back on the water completely.' happycow.net
    There is alot of different opinions but i think it sounds right.. but am bit confussed
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    Yes, if you're a VEGAN, eating ONLY raw veggies, then yes, drinking water will dilute the digestive juices you need to process the veggies.

    However if you're not a vegan, then this may not apply. Why? Cause many other foods like cooked grains can use more liquid to help digest as they continue to absorb liquids (including your digestive juices) as they make their way thru your system.

    Indeed more liquid with your food helps move it along. Have you ever eaten too much bread and felt bloated, stuffed, constipated? You will if you don't drink any liquids with it.

    So according to the theory above you would NEVER have soup as that would introduce too much liquid into your diet.

    I've seen people dehydrate from not drinking with their meals. If their meal is relatively dry, it will soak up all the digestive juices, forcing your body to produce more, which might not be too healthy and cause other problems, besides dehydrating you...
  4. BornHippy

    BornHippy Member

    Hmm ok, yeah cause i guna try raw diet. I mean it not something to worry about heaps, only if you having problems i guess. Thanx 4 that.
  5. I called my water company and inquired about the quality of the water (which we have aways thought was quite horrible) and they were extremely rude to me, and they gave me no information. I live in a teeny little town and did some testing of my own- the spring the water comes from has such high nitrate and ammonia concentration that it's enough to almost instantly kill fish. I'm npt sure what kind of effect that would have on humans, but it couldn't be good.

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