Lesbian Boob Preferences?

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by SpacerZS8, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Mine aren't massive. I'm a 14C. They do suit my body though. But standing besides my wife if they're looking, it'll be at her. If it s me they're trying to read Gorgasm or Insect Warfare lol.
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  2. KathyL

    KathyL Member

    No one is going to be staring at my almost-As. *sigh* :disappointed:
  3. Deana

    Deana Member

    Yes! Show us!
  4. Sinead 1965

    Sinead 1965 Member

    I LOVE big boobs. They’re so much softer, and I’m flat, I’m not the most gifted in that area, so maybe being able to have my way with assets I’m a little jealous of does something for me, as well.
  5. PattieD

    PattieD PattieD

    “perky” and braless
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  6. Sinead 1965

    Sinead 1965 Member

    Of course, personality plays a role in all of this, but if we're talking just physically? I love boobs, who doesn't, and if I see a tall feminine woman with big boobs and ass and wider hips I'll be more inclined to approach them . I enjoy legs though...and a cute face obviously. I like large massive boobs a lot. Visual attraction does play a role for me. I like voluptuous women.
  7. Sinead 1965

    Sinead 1965 Member

    I also have a huge weakness for tan skin and black hair.
  8. PattieD

    PattieD PattieD

    . . . braless women. the ultimate in conceal and reveal
  9. Sinead 1965

    Sinead 1965 Member

    Can't stop playing with large massive soft boobs into them. I check out random tall curvy women's large boobs. They're WONDERFUL pillows. Nothing better than resting your head on 'em. Cuddling up close to them. Feeling them pressing up against yours face. Burying your face in them. A place to put your hands, all the times.
  10. Tina78

    Tina78 Member

    Dont like huge boobs.prefer perky & firms
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  11. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Yep. I find like, big breasts to be a huge turnoff ay. Especially on a thin chick.
  12. this made me laugh. Ok, if you say so... Pff. :) :sunglasses:

    btw Irm I do know it's none of my f'ing business. Don't take me seriously..
  13. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Hmm? Lol. Oh I don't care I know dudes like big boobs I just don't and never have. I cannot stand fake boobs either. I don't get how these huge breasts are a turn on. If they encompass more than my handful then it's too much.

    This is also why I guess I never found bikinis or swimwear very attractive.
  14. Tina78

    Tina78 Member

    Hate fake breasts too..want natural ones
  15. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member


    As a straight male I agree Big and Natural


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  16. Tina78

    Tina78 Member

    I love braless women
  17. quark

    quark Parts Unknown

    Shirt: ON/OFF?

    Congratulations! You have chosen [ON]
  18. Tina78

    Tina78 Member

    Shirt nd undies off

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