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Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Chiana20, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. 2gay2function

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    What does girl cum taste like?
    Never actually been down on a girl before.
  2. Aerianne

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    Can't you taste your own?
  3. 2gay2function

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    Does finding a girlfriend become easier as you get older?
  4. shreddedheart

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    After being my first gf and me changing my whole life she tells me she no longer loves me and wants to think only about herself. 14 years with her and now I want to die. I am to old to start over And I love her to much to let go. I came out because of my love for her. I just need someone to talk to.
  5. shreddedheart

    shreddedheart New Member

    After being my first gf and me changing my whole life she tells me she no longer loves me and wants to think only about herself. 14 years with her and now I want to die. I am to old to start over And I love her to much to let go. I came out because of my love for her. I just need someone to talk to.
  6. Irminsul

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    Aww. Irmnisul is here for you. ;)
  7. Veridiana

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    Probably you get this all the time...
    However, I guess this is a good way to get things out of my chest and share it for the first time in my life. I'll try to make it as briefly as I can.%2
  8. Veridiana

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    [SIZE=9pt]I am a female who will soon turn 29 and for all my life I was convinced I was a straight person, never felt sexually attracted to women, never even considered kissing a woman. On the contrary I believed I was in love with a guy for 8 years, as weird as it sounds, I still believe I am but I never confessed it to him. Meanwhile I had 2 relationships with men and none of these felt right because I couldn't love anyone else but him...or maybe because I used him as an excuse for not feeling anything.[/SIZE]

    3 years ago I met this wonderful woman (let's call her Innes), I instantly felt a special connection with her, it was my first closer encounter with a gay woman...although I had no gaydar, I am a pretty intuitive person and felt that this woman was shy and awkward around me for a reason. She was so nice to me and I could tell that deep inside she thought I might be gay. Soon we became best friends.
    After one year I was sure I am in love with Innes and started to feel sexually attracted to her, I was on my way of doing one small step towards showing her how I felt but I just couldn't...we kept calling each other multiple times a day and texting all day long but I would block her attempts to get closer. When finally I felt like I could not hide it anymore, another woman came into picture and she confessed to me that she was her first gay crush and that now she thinks she is in love with her again...so I had to repress everything and convince myself that this was a sign not to let her ever know how I felt.

    Since then I had crushes on men and she always acted like a jealous girlfriend whenever I was going to met a man and always would ask me about the men in my life, she didn't like any of them while she continued to have many crushes on women.
    For 3 years, none of us was in a serious relationship but although we would call each other sister, we would look more like a couple. We would do everything together, share everything, know every single detail of our lives. I was pretending to be the straightest person on Earth and she the gayest...but there was always a sexual tension between us whenever she would hug me or look at me. For many times she expressed her attraction to me and I would just pretend I didn't hear or feel that because I could not get over the fact that she might be in love with someone else...so I continued to be her best straight friend...until I finally got over her...or so I thought.

    Now after 3 years I find myself more in loved with her than ever and its literally killing me...because she tells me every day how much she loves me but she is in love with someone else (or so she tells me) who is far from what she wants and she has other 2 friends that are currently in loved with her. She is still refusing them but she says would prefer the first girl although she knows it might be just an infatuation because she is in a relationship, known to be a player and they don't have anything in common.

    It kills me that because of my behaviour during all this time I made sure she would never consider me as an option. I believe that all this time we both tried to find someone that will convince us that we are not in love with each other but no one rose to our expectation just because we want to be together and she hopes that one day I will give her more than a friendly hug.

    If I decide to finally let her know how I feel, I could never come out as gay, I don't feel gay, I don't find myself attracted to anyone else but her...no other woman, no matter how smart or beautiful. Sexually I still believe I am straight, but somehow my emotional bound with her become so intense that now I find myself thinking about the possibility of having sex with her more often than before. Am I a bi curious person in loved with her personality or am I a lesbian doomed to be forever in the closet?

    I am afraid that once I will%
  9. sunflower84

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    Try it! why waste more time. tell her you are curious and want her to be your first. if after that you feel nothing then you can continue to be straight and get it out of your system.
  10. Dal Justice

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    Hiya ladies! I'm glad this is here because I could really use some advice!
    So me and my crush are getting together next week and we were thinking about some sex! She mentioned this and I almost died of happiness! I've always thought about having sex with her and I can't stop thinkin about what might go on this night!
    But the thing is, I'm completely clueless on what to do. I'm a virgin I've never done this anyone. I don't even know how to make out. And to make things even worse, I really want to do stuff with her, but I said I was going to continue to be a virgin until marriage. I'd love to go all the way, but I think because of my morals I'd freak out at the last minute. What could we do so I could still be a "virgin" and at this point in time I'm in a fuck it mood and I don't care if I loose my v-card, but I'm thinking about how will I feel later on about having lost it?
    I'm at a total loss here ladies! What should I do!

    P.S id also like a few pointers on what I could do to her to make her feel good. I really want her to sit on my face so I can eat her out and also squeeze and slap her beautiful ass.
  11. Irminsul

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    "I want her to sit on my face so I can eat her out" said no lesbian, ever. Sorry, but whatever legitimacy this had was completely lost to me from the P.S forward.
  12. Dal Justice

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    Does this mean I can't be different? This is something I really want to do and I really like her. I think about her all the time and doing this all the time. I'm sorry you don't believe me, but this is true in all honesty.
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    East Tennessee lesbian here. Tired of the bar / club scene. Would like to find some like minded people to hangout, hike, camp with.
  14. Irminsul

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    Last page bump. :)
  15. Irminsul

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    Oh see... I'm here, but I'm a long ways from you.

    You may have better results on thesurvivalistboards, it's like a... Doomsday prep site but lots of outdoor activity folk are there. It's a very active forum and often too active for my liking but you'll find better matches there. They won't openly make a thread for lesbians, but they do exist there, you just need to find them. :)
  16. beautyappreciator94

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    ADVICE PLEASE!!! I'm a 22 year old femme lesbian. I'm in a long-term relationship with a great girl that I love very much, however, for reasons I do not wish to say, my partner has very little sexual desire and we very rarely have any sexual passion. I'm willing to accept this because she is fantastic, but we have had discussions about her allowing me to satisfy my sexual frustration (that is taking its toll on our relationship from my perspective) outside of the relationship if I meet somebody I wish to pursue. I work in small business that has very little hierarchy and isvery relaxed... and my boss is one of the most sexy women I have ever seen. Over the past year, I have felt a truly forceful sexual attraction tothis woman: she is 36 and married to a man... so already this can't be looking good. Anyway, I'm driving myself crazy over this. I have not lost any feelings or attraction for my girlfriend, but I also cannot stop thinking about sleeping with my boss. I believe my attraction to her has developed from signals from her side- she constantly looks at me, she blushes when she sees me outside of work, she never tells me what to do at work, she leans towards me when she talks, we've had accidental bodily contact such as arms touching and neither of us ever pull away. I feel this deep, sexual attachment to her that might be getting more complicated. I have never felt arousal like this around another person. Now, I'm not here to question my morals because if I got the chance to sleep with this woman, I will and I know I won't be able to control myself. And I think it will be the most erotic experience of my life, so I'm not going to pass the opportunity. What I really want to know is... does she want me too!? We have spent some time together alone outside of work recently, we both took turns in proposing things to do (drink, walk etc). But when we do this, she seems very shy and not as flirty as she is at work, She laughs at my jokes and has openly told me that she thinks I'm hilarious, she playfully thumps me in the back or the arm now and then, she texts me every other day almost and I know that she is extremely sexually unsatisfied by her husband. I don't think a woman who projects so much sexual energy believes her days of passion are over... But I'm so scared to make a real move. I really REALLY want to, I am 75% sure that she'd reciprocate but if she didn't, my work life is at risk. I was thinking of telling her that she has incredible legs (which she does). I want her to know that I think she's attractive, because I'm not sure I've made it clear, as I also get shy around such a beautiful woman. Maybe she isn't sure I like her? How can I subtly let her know I want her? If I knew she was into women, I'd have made a move a long time ago, but it's the uncertainty that is holding me back. Thanks for your time and advice xxxxxx
  17. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Okay so you've openly discussed trying other partners? Now what was her answer to this? I'm going to assume it's okay because you've scurried on about your boss after you stated that, lol.

    Cool, so partner is fine with you expressing sexuality with others, and you've got your boss in your sites?

    It sounds very similar in ways to something I've just recently gone through where I felt too attracted to a married lady and I couldn't stop thinking about her either. Now after 6 months, we succombed to what we both desired. So that's positive, and I let her know I was interested in many little ways. Shying off when she looks at me, giving her good looks and smiles. Hand touching. Mind you she knew I was a lesbian from the start. And then when I felt her bonding I'd ask her shopping or we'd go get coffee etc. all three of us, my partner included. Eventually she couldn't resist. I'd had to wait 6 months so yeah, I never knew if we would or anything lol. I just eye humped her every day (I saw her most days) and I took that image back to bed with me.

    But I feel if your boss is shy outside of work, then I feel like maybe she attracted to you too, but now in a more private and personal environment outside of work, she may be wondering how you feel. Does she know you're a lesbian? If not, I'd bring up that you're in an open relationship with a female. That way she knows you're available and knows you're into women too.

    If she already knows this then it's only a matter of time before it happens, from what you've said.
  18. Truli

    Truli New Member

    You say she's the only woman you've been with - what are your beliefs about same gender relationships? Any family baggage about your relationship? For most women the physical is all about emotional intimacy. If there are any concerns about the right or wrong of it, if so, it will be hard to establish intimacy on any level. Aside from that, it could simply be the feelings, or lack there of, for the woman you're with. When you kiss, is there any tingling going on in your body?
  19. Noserider

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    Irrespective of what you and your partner decide, is sleeping with your boss ever a good idea?

    I think that's the biggest cause of potential drama in this scenario: that you're talking about your boss.
  20. LanaH102

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    No lesbian advice in 8 years...WOW!!

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