Leo Needs Pro Advice!!!

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by billisgod420, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. billisgod420

    billisgod420 Member

    im a leo, born august 11 1983, and im just lookin for someone to love. so what signs should i stay away from and what signs should i be lookin for. or basically what would be a good match...and why???
  2. Treehugger65

    Treehugger65 Member

    Well, I'm a Leo too. Aries and Leo would be a great match. I'm with Gemini right now and we are having SOOOO many problems and we've only been together for two months. I've been with a Cancer and two Sagittarius, both worked out alright. I've had more success with another Leo and Sagittarius. As for why they would be a good match, well, Leo with Leo can be hard because both signs are very outspoken and just crazy. They are great together because of that as well, sex is great with another Leo. I've never been with an Aries but they are kinda similar to Leo, so there's that. Cancer is good because Leo loves to be loved and Cancer loves to love. You can look up everything about the signs online and junk like that though. GOod Luck!
  3. mynameiskc

    mynameiskc way to go noogs!

    don't bother with cancer or libras. cancers end up being too thin skinned for leos, and libras compete for too much attention. no aries, either. in fact, i'll just go down the list of everyone in my family that clashes with my mother. sag is great. no libra, no gemini, no aries, no taurus, no cancer, that's all i know for now.
  4. scarikari

    scarikari Member

    They say Gemini's are great matches for Leo, maybe I am just an exception. I am finding myself always invovled with Leo's and it never works. We always end up becoming enemies for some reason. I know that when trying to be with a Leo, don't outshine them and I think that is my problem with them. We end up competing for attention or popularity, or compete for just weird things and I always win. I also read somewhere that a Leo loves as though they are loving themselves. Take what you want form that-
  5. majurooo

    majurooo Member

    aries and gemini, aries will last, gemini will be more intense and more fun but it probably wont last
  6. jmt

    jmt Ezekiel 25:17

    damn leos are getting a bad rep :(:p
  7. Hippie McRaver

    Hippie McRaver Senior Member

    I thought leo = Law Enforcement Official
  8. Enlil6

    Enlil6 Member

    A pro wouldn't tell you to avoid a person based on their Sun sign.
  9. penny4short

    penny4short Member

  10. Royalstar667

    Royalstar667 Member

    Don't be turned off by a person just because of their Sun Sign. Don't limit yourself like that. Yes, in theory Leos would do great with any Air signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini), any other Fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius) and, I'd say,Capricorns. However, practically, using astrology to choose your partner and judging by their Sun sign is ridiculous. First find someone, then look at their ENTIRE natal chart to judge, I'd say.

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