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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by bttf101, Sep 30, 2017.

    i found printable cards for each state and a few other countries for when someone tells you to leave a store due to being barefoot you just give them this card to prove its your legal right.
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  2. Yeah, I know about these in my state, I mentioned them in my thread. It's good to know that even Chris Christie cares about the barefooters.
  3. whos that?
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    That's is very cool!
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    I'm not trying to be "that guy" but there are ways around this...I am a barefooter btw is your legal right but store owners also have the legal right to ask you to leave for it...Free Enterprise unfortunately.
    Then if you still refuse to leave they can get you for trespassing witch is not legal!

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