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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by WynterFrost, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. WynterFrost

    WynterFrost Short Bus Rider

    I plan to ,when i graduate in may, pack up all my belongings and just drive............but i dont know where to go..........
    :Note this was my moms idea.....

  2. shaina

    shaina No War Know Peace

    you could hit up some festivals and volunteer. wakarusa, bonnaroo, kerville but you would need to get on the lists now for that. the rainbow gathering is in the middle of june. if its just your moms idea and not yours dont go through with it
  3. ninadepartone

    ninadepartone Member

    i took off when i was 19 and lived in my tent for 6 weeks, man it was great in NC. learned how to be responsible, budgit, have conversations and learn from folks that have been around and i found out what i truely needed to live. i had a few (under 10)CDs and a CD player and the clothes and sleep gear in my tent and just barely a few things else. You will learn so much! just BE CAREFULL!!!

    if you get near Dover Delaware and you have a tent ( or we've got a tent so you have your own space) we can trade work in our garden for the land use and shower/bathroom. we are only an hour from the beach and if you wanted to stay down there for awhile my grandmother lives 5 minutes from 3 beaches and boardwalk.
  4. WynterFrost

    WynterFrost Short Bus Rider

    See right now i dont live with my parents i live on my own with my boyfriend and things havent been going so well and i asked my mom for advice and she said you really just need to get away.......she said pack up everything and leave after this summer youll either feel great and ready for a freash new start or you will get home sick and wanna come home.She said explore before you settle with something permant your still young.....
    Well i love her idea i am just so clueless on what and the heck i am doing and where i am going i will be leaving on 5000 budget and then i am broke......i gotta find somewhere to work an maintain a great job.
  5. purple-moss

    purple-moss Member

    you can get pretty far on $5000.....just keep your daily expenses as low as possible....get a camp stove to make a few meals your self....there are alot of good info here in the camping forum....

    have you thought about working on organic farms as you travel?...

    also check around for hostels...they are lower cost places to stay (cheaper then motels/hotels) and you might be able to find fellow travelers to hang with in the area .

    you can also check for jobs at national parks ....do an online search ...might be some adventure there.

    what kind of car do you have?...can you sleep in it?
  6. Kollontai

    Kollontai Member

    i have the same idea as u, and i am going to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  7. Brad2571

    Brad2571 Member

    In my universe 5k is a downpayment on a house. I guess just trying to be practical. Travel is great but you need a home base. Especially when it gets cold.
  8. WynterFrost

    WynterFrost Short Bus Rider

    well i have a jeep grand cheeroke and i thought about working at festivals......like shwag fest
  9. tuatara

    tuatara Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    i cross the country in the fall and return in the spring......costs about $900 CDN each way including meals and motels ....thre are two of us so it's split two ways .....great way to see the country even though we are anxious to get home after a long winter in northern alberta .......so like the other said ......$5000 can go a long way
  10. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator

    Geez I guess I am really dated -.... I shudder at the idea of spending for a motel or eating out......Used to takes showers at universities.

    $5,000 would last me a long long time (I drive, and have set up for living in & sleeping before, a Geo Metro - 50+ mpg). It's all in your priorities and what levels of comfort and security you feel you need.

    Blessings Be along your Way

  11. amber

    amber Member

    Wow! if you budget right 5 grand will last you a long ass time!! I traveled the country with zero dollars in a car. I highly recommend it. Pretend you don't have money and just keep it for essentials (i.e. gas & food) Check into the rainbow family, you could meet up with some fun folks to travel with, that really makes the experience. Just don't let em take advantage of ya and never let anyone know how much money ya got no matter how much you trust em.(no offense to anyone I just always feel it's better to be safe than sorry and I've heard some horror stories of folks ripping others off for large amounts of money) Showers can be found at local parks/truckstops/from getting an occasional motel room when you get really grimy. I really suggest checking into the rainbow style of traveling. You'll learn how to get by on next to nothing~dumpster diving, food boxes, free places to park your car and sleep. Start out by finding a gathering near you and head there. Some good essentials to have with ya are a lil' campstove, nice big water container, and blankets. Try to get foodstamps from some state. Some are a lot more likely to give homeless folks foodstamps than others. Ummm your vehicle probably isn't to great on gas if it's at all possible I'd look around for a more fuel efficient car to trade for... but that may not be reasonable. Plus if you find some folks to travel with you make sure they throw in for gas money. Even if they're broke they can still spange. I'm not sure where you're from but I'd head west~ Lots of national forest (free camping) I highly recommend Southern and Northern California. I went up and down the west coast on highways 1 and 101 both of which are magical. Big Sur California is awesome, Humboldt county is beautiful and chill, You must see the Redwoods and the Pacific coast if nothing else and both the highways up the coast allow this. Check out Ashland,Portland, and Eugene in Oregon...and head on up to Washington why not? The world is your oyster~ All sorts of festivals to travel around to... Make up a list of the ones your interested in with dates/locations/cost. Check into volunteering before you dish out money for a fest. Some will be short on help and volunteering has always been a blast in my experiences. Check out the Gem and Mineral fest in Tucson Arizona in February. I'd avoid Quartzite if you hear of it as it's not really that hippy friendly. In Tucson you can camp out for free and town is packed with hippy folk and AMAZING stones. Get yourself some crafting supplies together to make a lil' extra income on the road (if you're crafty ;) ) Oh make sure you have a good atlas also. I always got the five dollar one from walmart and that would go through a lot of wear and tear. Um yeah well just go get started and I think a rainbow gathering is the perfect place! That's what started me off. I went to a regional gathering with no intention of traveling around the country and then found I couldn't resist the call and went home and quit my job and moved outta my apartment in just 3 days hehe... and then proceeded to have the most magical adventure of my life.
  12. WynterFrost

    WynterFrost Short Bus Rider

    i stoped when i read get a different car.....my grandpa gave me the jeep and i am geting it insured tomorrow , so no i dont think ill trade it in......but with the other info thank you.....
  13. oohhh i long to do this! soon. ill have to wait till next summer. :(
  14. shaina

    shaina No War Know Peace

    you really should check out the rainbow family and the national rainbow gathering this summer from about the middle of june till the middle of july in either IK, TX, or AK check out Welcomehome.org or Welcomehere.org
    free camping, free food, free music and lots of amazing people. if you would like more info feel free to pm me

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