Leaving a good impression on a Hindu Family.

Discussion in 'Hinduism' started by charliec, May 21, 2004.

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    Hello Everybody! My name is Charlie and recently i've gotten close to an Indian girl in school. She's Hindu (obviously). We are both vegetarians and have a lot in common. My mom is Cuban and my dad is Italian so I really don't know much about Hindu or even Indian customs. I asked if I could call her and she said if her mom or dad were to pick I'd have to sound gay to talk to her, so that probably means that they are strict. I just wanted to know how I could leave a good impression on this family so that they trust me. what are some Hindu or Indian customs I can learn to gain their acceptance? and maybe impress her a little bit? are there any sites I can visit to learn more? She is an amazing girl, i've never met a girl like her before, and I just don't want to screw this up. thanks.
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    first of I want to say that I'm speaking on behalf of Jezmund. being an Indian (hindu) girl with an american boyfriend, I have a lot of advice to give you. first of all, indian parents really like guys that are going to suck up to them. I know indian dads really like talking business. talk about your future maybe and ask him for advice. He'll like this. try to help his mom around the house or bring her mom flowers or something. major butt kissing. if you want any chance of being with her permanently youv'e gotta convert to Hinduism. its the only way. familiarize yourself with the culture the best you can. If they ever offer you anything to eat or drink you better accept it and thank them. then comment on how wonderful it is if its Indian. theres many other things to keep in mind too if you ever plan on meeting her parents. i'll get back to you as soon as I think of anything.
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    Always accept everything that is given with both hands.
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    don't pat any of the little kids on the head with your left hand or eat with your left hand...if you are left handed, as a previous poster advised converting to hinduism, also convert to being right handed ...all the poopie things are done with the left hand so its considered dirty

    also, as hinduism is so wide and varied, do a little research into what type of hindus they are...

    talk about becoming a doctor and going to med school...doctors are considered really hip
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    Though I agree with Jezmund on all other points, I have to say, with all due respect, that this one is all wrong. For one thing, there is no real provision for conversion in hinduism at all. You ust definitely show an interest in all things indian, the music, the dance, the art, the philosophy, that is definitely appreciated.
    Dont put too much pressure on yourself, dont worry too much about the left hand thing, just relax and be yourself, you seem a like a good guy. Just lay on the sugar really thick and youll be fine.

    best of luck!

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