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  1. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post my question but it seems like the most likely forum. I've been looking into the law of attraction lately. It sounds intriguing but for some reason the testimonial stories on websites always sound fake to me. Has anyone on here practiced the law of attraction and seen results?
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    I think if you are interested in the subject then buy a book called "As a man thinketh" by James Allen. The book is old, well reviewed, cheap and easy to read. He details how you attract more than just the things you want, you attract what you ARE and then it goes into different things like assessing what types of things you are harboring within yourself that may attract the wrong things etc and moving past them.
  3. I've started reading it, thanks Mothman, it's really good so far. I think even if the claimed outcome of LOA doesn't occur the change in overall mental outlook is worth it.
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  5. Aerianne

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    "Energy goes where thought flows."
  6. Gratitude, confidence, and self-actualization are all wonderful concepts. =)

    We have so much potential when we maintain a positive mental attitude.
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    I practice the Law of Attraction all the time and it works. I'd recommend that you read anything by Abraham Hicks. Keeping a journal can help you to track your thoughts and expectations about things going on in your life, and you'll see that things start to happen as you expect them to for good and for bad.
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    Everyone practices the law of attraction all the time if there is such a thing. There are no idle thoughts or demeanors. General consistency is more effective than specified effort. That is the peaceful tend to peaceful relations or encounters and the agitated are redeemed in the same way with agitation. Trying to intone a loaf of bread becomes broadly problematic as our attentions are of necessity divided from time to time.

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