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Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by Catahoula, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. Catahoula

    Catahoula Member

    I'm trying to get an idea of how common it is for dogs to breed late into their heat. My dog was on day 13 when I was last updated on her breeding status --- she still hadn't bred, which is strange since dogs in her line usually do around day 8 or so. It's day 15 now, but the breeder isn't home so I'm not sure of my dog's status right now, but I'm certainly hoping they've bred. I'm getting varied comments from breeders. I realise that the main time for conception is 10-14 days, but I'm just wondering how common it is for conception to occur afterwards.

    Thanks is advance.
  2. homeschoolmama

    homeschoolmama Senior Member

    :eek: :( :mad:

    Uh, a lot of the people that frequent here are pro-rescue and therefore anti-breeding. And those of us that are, are pretty vehement about it. Maybe you could find a dog-breeding site that might help you more?
  3. YankNBurn

    YankNBurn Owner

    First may I apologize for the preachers who feel its terrible to desire to supply the world with pets that people would want.

    Yes conception can still happen but like in humans the chances are greatly reduced. If your having to pay on a per time use for the stud animal than I would say dont bother till next time, the main chance is pretty much gone to a long shot in the dark.

    Best of luck to ya and your welcome even though I think you knew the anwere all along just was like many had hope for the long shot, lol :)
  4. marissa

    marissa Member

    Pets that people would want? As in people don't want rescue dogs? All mine are rescued, and they're great. It's good to save a life rather than add to the problem and indirectly cause more deaths. I understand that people wouldn't want to let the pure lines go to waste, and I can see that.. but I think if breeders just bred to further the breed and maybe only had one litter per year to be pets, that would solve the overpopulation issue.
  5. YankNBurn

    YankNBurn Owner

    I totally agree, Too much of anything can be a bad thing. I have friends who are breeders and they do only one litter per dog a year and it is done as a hobby and they are all pre sold and all 9 of thier dogs are pets, not kept all caged up ect.

    I have a couple of pure bred dogs and I have a "mut" he is Chow and Basset and is the best dog I ever had.

    What I meant by my comment "A dog they want" is if you are looking for a certain dog and by her name "Catahoula" it is a fantastic hunting dog, one of the only known to actually track things through water, so obviously if that is what your are seeking a good hunting dog then my chow basset mix would not be ideal. If you want a dog just to love, pet, play with, a but protective and funny, my dog kicks ass.

    The person asked for some advice and instead of getting help got preached at.
  6. Catahoula

    Catahoula Member

    Thanks for the replies. :) We're not paying on a "by time" sort of fee, so we're going to give it until next Friday and see what happens. I still haven't been updated as to whether or not they've bred; I certainly hope they have..

    Trust me, my dog is definatly going to improve the breed. She is a wonderful dog with two titles (CGN and HIC), 4 points towards her championship, and is expected to be titled soon in agility, obedience, tracking, flyball, musical freestyle, and another herding title. Her eyes are CERF clear and the results of her hips and elbows are pending (but the vets says they look fantastic and almost every dog in Visa's last four generations is OFA excellent). She is an excellent working dog (told by the top border collie breeder and trainer in BC that she was the best Belgian she'd ever seen), very eager to work and please. High drive and hard tempered. The stud earned his championship in only one weekend, he is low drive and soft tempered to meet Visa's needs, his hips are excellent, his elbows are clear, and his eyes are CERF clear. The puppies have an excellent pedigree and will be dual registered with CKC and AKC, and should make excellent working/show/companions.

    Visa's next litter won't be for another two years, and I do tons of rescue work. Already this year I have placed 12 kittens and one puppy, am maybe fostering a 4 month old Belgian puppy starting next week, and I'm getting two cats and both their litters of kittens to place at the end of the month. We are starting a kennel club and I would like to be head of rescue, and I'm applying to be a registered rescue with the SPCA so I can pull animals from shelters and place them myself. The amount of rescue work I do is 200 times the amount of breeding, since Visa is my only breeding dog at this time and will only have two more litters, both to improve the breed, as it is a breed that is being slowly ruined by so -called breeders.

    YankNBurn, my dog is atcually not a catahoula (I made my username when I was expecting a catahoula but it didn't work out), she is a Belgian shepherd. :)

    Here are some pictures of her..

    She's an excellent example of the breed...versatile, eager to work, beautiful...Everything a Belgian should be!
  7. Uh...and your point being? Just because some of you are anti-breeding doesn't mean that everyone is and that Catahoula shouldn't be allowed to seek advice here. There are many cat and dog(and rabbit/rat) breeders that frequent these forums.

    I asked my mom and she said the same thing YanknBurn said, it's possible to breed but the chances of conception are slimmer.

    And Cat, that dog is beautiful. It's sad that certain people can't appreciate her because she came into this world as a planned, wanted dog rather then some tragic adoptee with a horrible past.

    I often wonder if some anti-breeders are against breeding for the truly logical reasons or if they are anti-breeding because it makes them feel important because they rescue abandoned animals.
  8. homeschoolmama

    homeschoolmama Senior Member

    I'm sorry, I'm afraid I momentarily forgot which board I was in when I posted that. I'm on several recue-friendly boards for pet owners, and some of the regular posters can be downright cruel to breeders. I hadn't meant to upset anyone, I was trying to avoid a "witch-hunt." Sorry.
  9. No.I'm sorry. I didn't intend to sound so vitriolic. Especially not towards you.

    I think I was just annoyed to have to keep sifting through the spamming petition threads.

    I apologise again.
  10. homeschoolmama

    homeschoolmama Senior Member

    Wow, I had to look a new word up today! I think I'm gonna save that one for future use.

    It's alright... I should have double checked which board I was on before posting too.
  11. marissa

    marissa Member

    "It's sad that certain people can't appreciate her because she came into this world as a planned, wanted dog rather then some tragic adoptee with a horrible past.

    I often wonder if some anti-breeders are against breeding for the truly logical reasons or if they are anti-breeding because it makes them feel important because they rescue abandoned animals."

    I think rescuers are in it to save lives. Just because dogs aren't purebred doesn't mean they should suffer or be euthanised. Plus, shelters often have purebred dogs in, not all are abused, many are just not wanted any more because people move, have kids, etc. I volunteer at a shelter, and only about 3 of the dogs have serious issues. One was shot in the head with a bebe gun and has bullet scars all over, but is very sweet. Another dog is partially blind, one is dog aggressive. All the others are very sweet, the owners just didn't have enough time or money for them, there are lots of puppies, and even purebreds(usually beagles, labs, pitbulls, and chihuahuas).

    I understand breeding to further the breed(obviously we don't want dog breeds to fade out), but I also see many dogs euthed and there are way too many dogs without homes.
  12. I totally expected some dumb anti-breeding post as soon as I saw the thread.

    Catahoula in the past and now seems to be a very responsible and professional dog owner. Not just your average person who says lets get puppies, and sell them outside of Petsmart....
    Not all breeding is bad, and I have alot of respect for professional breeders. I chose to get a purebred Airedale pup several months ago, and I do not regret it one bit. I had very good reasons why I did not want a rescue.

    Everything is not black and white.

    Goodluck Catahoula!
  13. Just look at that! Isnt that a such a wonderful and gorgeous dog. Nothing wrong with creating more of her. Especially if they go to great homes!
  14. BadBlackDog

    BadBlackDog Member

    Wow I just joined (haven't even introduced myself yet!) and found someone else with Black Dogs! I also breed (sometimes) and show Belgian Sheepdogs :)
    Here's my boy dog Jagger and me doing Rally Obedience at the last BSCA National I went to:


    As for the question IME yes you can get a litter still from late breedings. One of my GSD friend's couldn't get one of her girls bred because she would never stand. Her last try she tried everyday and ended up getting a breeding super late which resulted in puppies :)
  15. Catahoula

    Catahoula Member

    Thanks everyone! :) I forgot to update -- Visa and Karma bred several times and she is back home now, acting very pregnant. She seems quite content and isn't eating a whole lot.

    BadBlackDog, hi!! :) Another Belgian owner, so great to meet you. What is your kennel name, I've probably seen your website if you have one. :)
  16. Catahoula

    Catahoula Member

    Oh I just saw your site now, one I actually haven't been to before, imagine that! You should join Pet Talk (, it's a great forum and we need more Belgian people. :)
  17. Catahoula

    Catahoula Member

    Oh by the way, your Jagger is fairly closely related to a girl I have now, Candy (Am/Can CH Sumerwynd's Out of Pocket X Can CH Image's Made U Look).
  18. BadBlackDog

    BadBlackDog Member

    Neat! I was interested in breeding my Loki to Candy's uncle Dante. I also have another Dreamer "puppy", Jagger's half sister Belle and two Dreamer granddaughters - Zette (JaggerxLoki) and Cherry (MontexBelle). Everyone here is related to Sabree either grandkids or great grandkids (sometimes more then once LOL). Is Candy's dam's call name Morticia? Fun to find relatives! I noticed Visa is from different lines - do you notice differences between her and Candy?

    I really need to update the site LOL Cherry is all grown up now! She is pointed and at the last show I took her too I won Best bred By Exhibitor In Show - not too bad ;)

    I will check out that forum you posted when I get a chance.
  19. Catahoula

    Catahoula Member

    Cool, I was just looking at pictures of Sabree yesterday when making up Candy's pedigree. :) Yep, Candy's mother is Morticia. There are huge differences between Visa and Candy. Visa comes from all American lines, and is very American in looks. Candy is sooo European. Temperment wise they are different too. Candy was shy sharp as a puppy, so she went to a pet home but they recently had to give her up and she isn't shy at all anymore, but still very soft in temperment. Visa is quite hard-tempered. Both are high drive but Candy is more prey-driven. I definatly prefer Visa, but then again I'm biased lol. I only just got Candy and even if she does turn out the most I'll do is co-own her and she won't live with me (can't have too many dogs!) so I can't get too attached!
  20. BadBlackDog

    BadBlackDog Member

    I've always wondered as my dogs have all been from Johnsondale and/or european lines mostly. Loki is probably the has most "American" pedigree. I wouldn't call my dogs shy (most are actually quite bold) but they can be on the sharp side and Belle is too soft. Jagger has a real strong temperament and is a suitable dog for Schutzhund and was the only black dog to pass the UKC's full character test for I believe two years.

    Sabree was a really nice girl and in pretty good shape almost her whole life. She had very high earset and when she watched stuff her ears would touch on top of her head like a puppy.

    I "know" Morticia! She is living with her breeder right now and I have seen her quite a few times. She seems very sweet and must really love food (chubby thing LOL).

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