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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by Budman420, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Budman420

    Budman420 Member

    Around 10:42 I ate the shrooms and downed em with some orange juice. I came back to my room and just used my computer and watched tv. About 30 mins later I started feeling them kicking in, the colors from the carpet and walls were sort of molding together. Almost an hour after taking them I went into my other room, put some bud into my vaporizer and smoked, after smoking, I put all of my shit away and tried to walk to my door to unlock it. The lights were off during all this, I couldnt see shit, all over sudden when I was like 3 feet away from the door i just stopped. For those of you who have done that shit where you make yourself passout and you wake up and your confused and dont know whats going on, thats what it was like exept i was scared as shit, i eventually was able to get to the door, unlock it, turn on the light to see what the hell was going on, it was like when it was dark i had no clue what was going on and i would just stop, but when i turned on the light, i rememberd what i was doing. I went and layed in my bed and turned on my ipod. I cant even describe what that shit did. Its not like some body high, its just like you zone out and its like a dream for so long, One of the only things i remember is being able to see my ceiling fan from the backlight from my ipod, I was layin there starin at it and all over sudden a little movie just started playing and all kinds of crazy shit, Some of the other things i remember is after I unlocked my door is walking back to my bed and i looked at my room and it was like how in movies they exagurate the high by making colors and shit spinning, but it was really like that, i had like no energy at all, i couldnt move lol, one time while i was laying down i got up to take a piss, It took me so long to get to the bathroom when its about 13 footsteps away from my bed, when i got in there i looked at my eyes, they were so red and my pupils were big and dark as shit, alright thats just about all i remember, oh and heres a pic
  2. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    LOL, sounds like fun...but i'm sure you'd have enjoyed more outdoors...I havent tried mushrooms yet cos when i do i want to do it somewhere where I'm less likely to feel claustrophobic and with people I trust. I dont really want to have a bad trip.
    I'm just waiting for the right moment.
  3. Budman420

    Budman420 Member

    I've done them outside before, I think last night was alot better
  4. Jabbawaya

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    Complete darkness is really an experience. Very different from tripping in the daytime, too (neither is necessarily better than the other, imo). Personally I prefer to be outside during a day trip, and inside during a night/dark trip. More comfortable :)
  5. mebesideme

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    I prefer to trip outside, but I have had some good ones just inside my own bedroom watrching tv and being amazed by the walls.
  6. charms

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    i tripped on psilocybin last night or maybe the night before - i slept a lot afterwards. anyway, my trip basically went like this: i parachuted the powder in a piece of paper towel and my friend did it in a chicken nugget. mine kicked in before hers, and she went somewhere for a little while. i don't know if anyone else has ever had the type of visuals where you see writing in your vision, and when you get up closer to a wall or something to read it, it turns into some intense hallucinations depending on the music you are listening to...but that's how my visuals went. very colorful and very intense. in all, i guess you would say that i had a bad trip but it doesn't seem that way now. of course, i was huddled in the corner with my 4 year old nephew at one point, crying. but that's beside the point. some of my trip was actually damn funny. like when my sister walked in the room and was showing me her new jeans or something. i was just looking at her trying not to crack up because her face was melting. i didn't realize that you could call my trip a bad trip until i started to come down and was thinking a little more clearly. by the way...psilocybin is the chemical in mushrooms that makes you trip. i had it in a purified, extracted form. it's damn strong stuff.

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