Last Nights Dream

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by wrine420, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. wrine420

    wrine420 Member

    Last night I had a dream and it went like this:

    In the aisles of my frontal lobe, we danced

    The pale blue sky above us, and the ocean sea below

    I stared at the fish while you looked at the black hole

    Destroying all of humanity with its gravity

    Nations and people sucked into an intensely dark dot

    And we noticing nothing…

    Then I looked at you

    And all of my existence was drawn into your eyes

    Into that intensely dark dot

    So for that, you are my beautiful space phenomena

    My gorgeous black hole

    Every time drawn into your eyes

    Every time into your soul

  2. Pablo

    Pablo Member

    i like it, i dont know why it hasnt gotten any replys, its odd, but thats part of why i like it, and i can see what your talking about
  3. wrine420

    wrine420 Member

    Thanks for the feedback :)
  4. *peace*child*

    *peace*child* Member

    Nice poem. Peace and love...

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