Last night and this afternoon in video

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Unknown American, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    I want to start sowing more of my world to others.

    It is amazing how dark it gets in the Jungle.

    Walking out of my living room and onto the porch at 2:00am.

    The pitch black is when I am paning the view from one side of the porch to the other.

    It is about 2 minutes.

    This afternoon.

    I had guests for lunch and the cook and her assistant were getting the table ready for lunch.

    This one is real short.
  2. Frieden

    Frieden Senior Member

    You probably just popped the lens on the camera.
  3. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    Yup you caught me, That is exactly what I did.

    In fact I am actually a janitor for a video production company.

    So after I scub the toilets out I sit down with photo shop and make the thousands of images and videos.

    Did I mention I am also a cross dresser?
  4. Dave_techie

    Dave_techie I call Sheniangans

    J. Edgar would be proud.
  5. SpacemanSpiff

    SpacemanSpiff Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Way too noisy there...I'd never sleep
  6. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

  7. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    It is not always this noisy. We are just getting some weird weather.

    I sleep better here than in the USA.

    I think I have adapted very well to the Jungle:)
  8. redyelruc

    redyelruc The Yard Man

    It's amazing how easy it is to sleep when the noise is animal rather than manmade.
  9. Cate8

    Cate8 Senior Member

    Those jungle sounds are SO pretty. And your house looks gorgeous and fresh. take more videos!
  10. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    That is for sure. I have never slept better.

    What do you want video of?

    Off limits are my room , the security team, the guardhouse, any employee without their permission.

    Also the Kitchen because the cook is hyper sensitive about perfection and it is more trouble than it is worth.

    But for the most elusive person I know, my life is an open book.

    What do you want to see?
  11. Cate8

    Cate8 Senior Member

    hmm how about your living room? and the hallways?
  12. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    Porn stash.
  13. Funkateer

    Funkateer To swing on the spiral

    Dude you are quite lucky to live in the jungle. the sounds soothe :D

    Great vidja
  14. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    Tell you what I will see what I can do.

    It will take a day or so because I am slacking around right now.

    Mr.Lazy I am.;)

    But I will post some video of the inside and some of the outside of the house. I will show all I can.

    Then I will post it and let you know
  15. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    Porn stash does not exist.

    Porn stashes are obsolete baby. That was back in the dinosaur days.

    Get with the times...I have internet:D
  16. Cate8

    Cate8 Senior Member

    Thanks :)

    Id like to start a vintage playboy magazine collection.
  17. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    The vintage ones are real cool.

    I have a friend who paid someone to scan all of them and had every one from the beginning until the mid 80's and burned to CD's.

    I think that would be cool.:)
  18. Cate8

    Cate8 Senior Member

    I agree. But I guess theres just something in having an actual copy. I dont like much digital stuff. I even want a record player. I like the crackly atmospheric sound of it. And theyre not even from my youth.
  19. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    I agree but my problem is I live in the tropics. Tropical humidity and vintage magazines do not mix.
  20. Cate8

    Cate8 Senior Member

    oh yea. I suppose not.

    I cant WAIT for the summer to start. I moved to a place with a dry deserty climate, which Ive never experienced before. And I want to be all rosy from an afternoon in the sun. I miss it.

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