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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by ImaPeach, May 20, 2004.

  1. ImaPeach

    ImaPeach Member

    I'm so sick of going out to eat with my friends or family and having to get into some stupid immature verbal battle with the waiter or chef about what i can or can't eat! I don't know what the situation is in other countries, but in Australia if you go for a pub meal ANYWHERE there will be a standard menu in which the ONLY non-meat option is the dreaded "vegetarian lasagne", which is obviously store-bought and heated in the microwave and questionable as to whether it is in fact vegetarian anyway. I'm SICK of lasagne! All i want is to be able to go to a restaurant and have a CHOICE about what i can eat like every other person!

    sorry, but i've had a frustrating week of eating out and you can only consume so much side salad before you burst a blood vessel!

    That said, let this be a warning to every single restaurant in Adelaide -- i'm starting a boycott with my vegetarian friends of all establishments which only offer the aforementioned lasagne! So get something decent on your menus! or you'll lose, like.... 3 customers....

  2. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    Hehe...I know. It sucks. Sometimes I get a grilled cheese with lettuce and tomato.... It's slim pickin's here, too. You could open your own restaruant...
  3. I know... I've never heard of that lasagne though, but it's hardly ever more than one thing without meat to eat in restaurants here too. *sigh*
    I used to really like going out to eat before I went vegetarian, but now it's only frustrating...
    I wonder what the vegans do? Not go our at all?
    The only veg*n restaurant I've ever heard of is in Zurich, Swiss...
  4. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    I can actually make a killer veg lasagna...but I guess that won't help you any... :)
  5. babovic_sonja

    babovic_sonja Member

    I hear ya... I'm getting kinda tired of the same old choices too...

    What my strategy is, eat BEFORE I go out, so I'm not hungry and stuff, and then just get a salad or something, just so I'm not embarassed or anything because I don't have anything in front of me...

    Are there any Asian (Chinese, Indian, Thai, etc.) restaurants near to where you live? They usually offer a pretty good vegetarian selection, most of their dishes are even vegan. Unless they're really commercialised... but even then you can get something decent like vegetable fried rice, vegetable soup etc...

    Hope I helped... peace :)

  6. You know what I hate? REstaurants where all teh salads have meat on them, and if you try to order a salad with vegetables, all you get is lettuce and amybe some pico de gallo.

    drives me nuts!
  7. minjeig

    minjeig Member

    Wow I've started to hate going out to eat. The only option on most menus that I find is salad... we don't even get vegetarian lasagna! The one time that I went out to eat and they had a lot of veg. choices it felt really weird to have to pick what to eat!
  8. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    Pubs are generally not a place that most of us eat in. Depending upon the cuisine one chooses in the United States, there is almost ALWAYS a vegetarian dish of some sort (save fast food places, in which the only option is the chopped iceberg salad).

    Since I'm a struggling starving student these days it's not a major issue. I brown bag my life; mixed sprouts and beans in a baggie, croquettes, tabouli and (if a microwave is available) some vegetable based soup.
  9. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    Hell yeah, that must be an international phenomenon, coz we get the dreaded veggie lasagne here in the UK too! On the bright side, veggie awareness in the UK is pretty good, and it isn't too hard to find good quality veggie food in most places these days, so long as you keep away from the rabid carnivore food joints.
  10. ImaPeach

    ImaPeach Member

    Eh, well at least i'm not the only one then!

    I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression here. I fully support just about every local asian restaurant, they seem to know what they're doin at least! And we do have a couple of decent vegetarian places around, although you really have to search hard to find them. I'm just talking about the generic pubs and hotels where you go when you just feel like food you could basically cook yourself but for whatever reason feel like paying somebody else $15 to do for you. The kind of places that refuse service to turban-wearing gentlemen because it is "rude" to wear a hat in a restaurant.

    I mean, most places these days have no problem serving up specialty dishes for people on low-carb diets... what's so hard about omitting a peice of steak from a plate??

    I used to really like lasagne too...... :(

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