Large breasts need attention

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by tina boyd, Feb 28, 2019.


If my breasts need attention, don’t ignore them?

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  1. curiousfellow

    curiousfellow Members

    Alrighty then, so you like being filled.
    Now, would that be for your mouth or for your vagina?
  2. curiousfellow

    curiousfellow Members

    That must be very hot for you, as well as for him....
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  3. diesel#

    diesel# Members

    I don’t believe I’ve seen E’s before
  4. Andy Schumer

    Andy Schumer Members

    What a crime, a sin, a waste and a shame.
    I wish we could meet!! You could almost have sex just from your breasts, because they are very sensitive.
    Being in your presence I would have a hard time focusing on other things. Except other body parts.
  5. Andy Schumer

    Andy Schumer Members

    Have you ever had them bitten? To your intensity that feels good.
    I have been extremely lucky to have met women who LOVED it.

    Try the full deal breast play. Breasts in hands being fondled, squeezed, pressed while being sucked, licked, bitten.
    My favorite is to suck the nipple in my mouth and taking turns biting, flicking my tongue on them, licking. Creativity and imagination in doing things.
  6. Mickymee

    Mickymee Members

    Ohhhhhh wow this also made me super hard!!! Id love to chat sometime that would be super fun :p
    Would I be able to follow you?
  7. Andy Schumer

    Andy Schumer Members

    Sensitive breasts?!?!?!
    I know you would absolutely love my attention
  8. Unsought20

    Unsought20 Members

    This seems mad to me .
    If I had a woman with breast like that I would spend absolutely ages playing and touching and caressing them. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands , or mouth and tounge away from them.
    To rush past them , I just don’t get it .
    Especially if you have explained to them you like it
  9. Andy Schumer

    Andy Schumer Members

    Small ones need attention too
    I have enjoyed them as much
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  10. bored home

    bored home Members

    I love the all small to large!!!
  11. Unsought20

    Unsought20 Members

    Absolutely, small ones are great as well .
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  12. PGA

    PGA Members

    Breast, in any sizes, are arousing, whenever I see a lady with the swinging breasts my cock starts pulsing. I love to suck them no matter how they are.
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  13. Funwu67

    Funwu67 Members

    Pm me
  14. undefeated41

    undefeated41 Members

    By your pic u are def an anime with huge boobs
  15. 1Mark

    1Mark Members

    How can they be ignore? ...we are really at the end of our civilization.
  16. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    My wife was burdened with big tits even in grade school. She hated them always liked women with small tits when in same sex situations. I agreed I like women close to flat chested. During the first year of our relationship I suggested having them remove. She agreed and feels better than ever. They are now an "A" and she is very well pleased. She wears a running bra and doesn't have that constant flopping with men always staring at her.
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  17. Anyfun

    Anyfun Members

    I'm a breast guy. Can never give them enough attention
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