Large breasts need attention

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by tina boyd, Feb 28, 2019.


If my breasts need attention, don’t ignore them?

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  1. Find a new partner

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  2. Do it yourself

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  1. curiousfellow

    curiousfellow Members

    So, what's wrong with not wearing your pants?
    You love having sex, do you not?
  2. sara2001

    sara2001 Members

    i prefer to save his biggest seamen for bed if possible :blush:
    being on his lap during television i am careful
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  3. curiousfellow

    curiousfellow Members

    Alrighty then, so you like being filled.
    Now, would that be for your mouth or for your vagina?
  4. sara2001

    sara2001 Members

    i do not have confidence with my mouth, hubbys penis is too wide so i just enjoy riding wonderfully ontop hubbys gigantic lap but otherwise with my mouth i do enjoy licking hubbys penis till he bursts on my face :tonguewink: and we rub it into my boobs :dizzy:
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2020
  5. curiousfellow

    curiousfellow Members

    That must be very hot for you, as well as for him....
    sara2001 likes this.
  6. sara2001

    sara2001 Members

    yes thanks its fun to have sticky boobs and safe+natural
  7. diesel#

    diesel# Members

    I don’t believe I’ve seen E’s before

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