Large breasts need attention

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by tina boyd, Feb 28, 2019.


If my breasts need attention, don’t ignore them?

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  1. tina boyd

    tina boyd Members

    my breasts are a size 38 E and they are very, very sensitive, especially my nipples. I love to have them touched, massaged, squeezed, and sucked. Why do most men completely rush past this during foreplay to sex? Even when I explain what I like?
  2. YouCanTrustMe

    YouCanTrustMe Average Size Member

    I have no idea. I absolutely love licking, suckling and nibbling my wife’s breasts. She loves when I’m massaging them and gently pinching her nipples while doing oral on her.

    Sorry that you’re being neglected.
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  3. BoyToy69

    BoyToy69 Members

    Wow! Nipples and boobs are the very first thing I do.. it's what most women love that I've been really turns them on and turns me on just as much!! I wish I could help you lol.. I wish you the best of luck.
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  4. Panama Jack

    Panama Jack Members

    Sounds like “you”need to take control of the situation. Tell your partner you need this connection. Simple. Tell them to slow down and enjoy your offerings.
  5. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    I’m seeing a man (two years in August) who loves breasts. It’s definitely approaching fetish level.
    Our first make out session ended with him cumming on my breasts. I revealed an ability to cum from nipple stimulation.
    He recently said that all he could think about after he went home to bed was making that happen, and that it’s a frequent thought when we are apart.

    Despite this I still have to ask for more time spent there.
    So we participate in what kinksters call dry suckling or dry breastfeeding. If I were to move in, we’d probably go full throttle on it. And he makes it a point to see if I’ll squirt from play.

    I never did casual, so I don’t know how I’d approach it with somone I was only seeing once or twice, or for a short time. Maybe suggest you will suck his cock for however long he spends on your breasts?
  6. dd788snipe

    dd788snipe Members

    Many moons ago I was dating a girl that was the same size as you. Her breast and nipples were so sensitive she would cum with me just playing with and sucking on her nipples. She would rather I played with her tits than her pussy so I totally understand. It was fun but there were nights I have to service myself.
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  7. Panama Jack

    Panama Jack Members

    My wife understands the power in her breast. 38DD’s. If we are doing sex play they are very much a high point of interest. Before, during and after. She jokingly says her titts are connected to her pussy, in a erroneous way.
    When i’m doing oral on her she has one in hand. When I am pounding her she or I are fondling one.
  8. late_bloomer

    late_bloomer Members

    My ex had 36Cs and enjoyed teasing men, and women, with them. Her favorite thing to do was let her nipples get hard thru her shirt and watch how men would try to sneak a peek at them while they were talking to her. I know of at least 2 men that got to play with them under her sweater.
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  9. Carolina188

    Carolina188 Members

    34DDD here.... I say take control of the situation and show them how you like your breasts to be handled and use them for your pleasure and his. I like shoving them in my DHs face, pulling his head down on them when I want him to kiss them, when I am on top of him I enjoy bouncing them in his face , popping them in and out of his mouth and even slapping him left and right with them. recently he asked for a back scratch and after a few minutes of scratching I took my shirt off and stroked his back up and down with my nipples then bounced my breasts along his back It was a complete turn on for him. I also am just starting to try rubbing his P in between my breasts with lots of lube or while doing a BJ He is going crazy over this---
    Show your man he needs to appreciate those Ecups. Give him a reason to be all over them.
  10. Panama Jack

    Panama Jack Members

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  11. I'm 60 with below average looks, ginger and a bit plump, I don't struggle attracting men for sex, I know it's because of my 40gg breasts which for my age and their size are very firm, I also have very large nipples and like you I orgasm when they're played with.
    My problem is they are overly interested in them and I miss out on getting fucked, so much so I have to get male escorts round
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  12. Bi42DDD

    Bi42DDD Members

    I also have large breasts and they certainly do attract both men and women . Many are surprised when I orgasm from breast stimulation alone . My breasts and clit are definitely connected so I come especially hard and long and multiple when my partner sucks a breast(s) and then uses their hand to rub my labia and brings me to a clitoral orgasm(s) .
    If it’s a new partner , after they start sucking I take their hand and put it between my legs and keep my hand on top of theirs so that they know the motion I like ( fast back and forth ) . When they realize how much more excited I am , they are very enthusiastic . Then I reach for their cock and start jerking them , as I come I jerk faster and harder but I’m careful not to let them squirt . As soon as I’m done with my orgasms I simply say “ fuck me , fuck me now , I need your cock inside me , I wanna come on your cock “ and then guide it into my wet horney pussy . I just do this instinctively because I’ve never had a guy who “ forgot to fuck “ and had been having sex for many years before I was sexually assertive with men . Nonetheless , perhaps a similar technique you could use ie getting them super stimulated and then knowing that if they want to come it’s got to be inside you . OR you are exclusively attracting guys w a breast fetish whose only sexual turn on is titties and they aren’t interested in anything but . These are the guys that would take home a tree log if it had big breasts . Also , women are much more accommodating and would love to totally bang your horney **** with the dildo of your choice until you were totally satisfied . As I’m sure you know there are dildos that look exactly like a real penis and new high tech materials make them feel close to the real thing . For example I have one w it’s own heater that can be adjusted to your comfort , some discharge liquid , and are both flexible and stiff at the same time . And then of course there is your choice as to length and girth so if you are a 9 nah gal , no problem . Of course you can use these solo but that’s not getting fucked . That requires another person and women will also stimulate other areas while fucking if that’s what you need . Don’t expect a woman to wear a strap on . That’s a porn thing . In reality it’s awkward , difficult , always slips out , and not at all like a guy w a dick , But these new life like dildos have ample balls that your partner can firmly grasp and pound you as hard as deep and as long you need for multiples . It’s a lot cheaper than boy whores and it’s so lovely to lick and be licked by another woman .
  13. dd788snipe

    dd788snipe Members

    Like I said in another post Bi42DDD you sound like a hell'va lot of fun. You just made me hard .:grinning:
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  14. Bi42DDD

    Bi42DDD Members

    Always happy when a man gets hard !!!!
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  15. dd788snipe

    dd788snipe Members

    Me too!!!
    May I follow you? I like your post.
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  16. Breastfan

    Breastfan Members

    Paying attention to breast to me is one of the best parts of foreplay. And yes, I love having my nipples played with too..
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  17. Bi42DDD

    Bi42DDD Members

    You seem to be a very erotic guy so it’s OK w me
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  18. dd788snipe

    dd788snipe Members

    Thanks. Like most men I'm drawn to a nice pair of tits. Being Bi I'm drawn to man's cock. I don't feel I could have a relationship with another man but who knows. I do enjoy having NSA sex with them. I do love the feel of firm tits under a tee shirt. I had a couple of girlfriends in my teens and 20s that had the most beautiful set that were so sensitive they would cum with just massaging their areolas. The latter one loved it when l did it and fingered her pussy. Your post reminded of those nights with her 44Ds. Damn it was hot. Oh man, to be young again. Ok I'm getting hard.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2020
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  19. el demente

    el demente Members

    Fuck! and now I sit here at my desk and probably shouldn't stand up! If you like making guys hard, I say girl you have accomplished your mission.

    The Demented One
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  20. Suburbanray

    Suburbanray Members

    Caressing a woman's breasts, squeezing her nipples between my fingers, slightly twisting them just to the point of moaning, flicking them with my tongue, kissing them with my lips, are some of the foreplay warmups I enjoy.
    The best is sucking a hard nipple into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue, as my suction engorges her nipple with blood, making it harder, like a large #2 pencil eraser. Afterward, the sensation of her hard nipples rubbing against my skin, feels like it erases all the stressful mistakes written across my body from my mind, free to start a new narrative on a blank sheet.
    I've only been with two endowed women who could orgasm from nipple play alone. It was always a fun challenge to try. Even if I didn't bring her to a finish that way, it was always fun, no matter how sore my mouth was after 30 to 40 minutes of trying!
    The ironic part is most of the women 38dd, 42ddd, & 44dd, always suffered back issues from the weight of their breasts, or sore shoulders from the bra straps. Why mother nature makes woman suffer that way from their breasts, I'll never understand?

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