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    I was growing in the last place I rented and never had a fear of the landlord coming in unexpected. Very special situation though; landlord was in her 70's and had fake knees so she couldn't access either of the two entrances which both had a few steps that led up to them. Great grow location.
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    Well it depends on the landlord and laws , I have been on both sides , my father is a landlord and owns homes , he not snoopy at all , the law will not allow him legally just to walk into his homes without a notice to the tenants , and he usually just for maintenance, so he has never had trouble , now when I still lived with my parents and was going to community college I did odd and end jobs for him , but I would always call his tenants before I would enter their property , I did find a glass pipe that was laying on the table once , when I was bringing in a new door , but I didn’t report it to my father . Nor would my father even have cared they were really nice tenants and we never had trouble with them. Now when I moved out of my parents house to go to a regular college I live in an apartment, and as a tenant I never had problems with my landlord for the last 2 years they always send me a warning at least 24 hours at the very lease most the times its like 2 days and that usually just to check stuff no biggy, and if I’m having issues I usually just hide all my drug stuff before I have them come over for repairs. but most contracts won’t allow modifications without approval from the landlord so I would have anything done like changing the locked go through the landlord before you did it , otherwise legal trouble could happen.
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    WWhen first out on own, I rented one part of a "2 family house"
    I found them in without telling frist and even if they were owners of the 2 family house leave the other renter alone and give 48-24 hrs time frame to come in.
    I never been in trouble with law or nothing so I felt I was in a real game space invaders

    When I come home I like to find things the way I left it Or I move.

    Now I'm disabled the worse I do is have a card if weed can save an organ who's to care what you use to help as long as it helps them and does not hurt other on it all that matters.

    For outside the dugouts are best pass on wooden ones they dont hold smell they have non wooden ones that hold the sell in and if they want more for a poker use thooth pick friends have a fake ceramic

    Friend use it

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    ya dude the landlord has to give you at least 24 hours notice and no they can not enter your house without your knowing

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