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Discussion in 'Indiana' started by Ripple_N_Stillwater, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. I'm not holding a lot of hope as the Indiana forum area seems to have been sleeping for a while now... but is there anyone around the Purdue/Lafayette area?
  2. oldschool2013

    oldschool2013 Member

    yes i am just outside lafayette in a town called frankfort
  3. St0rmy

    St0rmy Guest

    I'm a bit further North, but I think you are correct seeing as how few have posted . . . a little disappointing. But just makes one want to try a lil bit harder!
  4. oldschool2013

    oldschool2013 Member

    well i would love to meet someone that could be a regular guy to play with
  5. I actually live downtown not far from Chumley's! =)
  6. JJAY

    JJAY Guest

    West side here over by battle ground
  7. indydude

    indydude Senior Member

    Kokomo lately.
  8. Near Lebanon! :)
  9. hnugginbuggin

    hnugginbuggin Member

    Hey ripple!! :)

  10. magickman

    magickman Supporters

    South of Lafayette :sweatsmile:

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